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  1. Flutterz
    So the previous MOE Repository #27 got deleted in the rollback, and my only backup is 7500 km away... so naturally I just spammed more intro threads with MOE and now I have an all-new batch of MOE! Yay!
    Also I'll repost the deleted MOE in about a week when I get back, in case you missed it!

  2. Flutterz
    In honour of this being the 25th Moeblog post, I've written a little poem. Ahem...

    There once was a man named Moe
    He had a lot of moe
    So he posted the moe
    Something-something the moe
    Moe moe moe moe moe moe moe

  3. Flutterz
    (Disclaimer: The poster is not responsible for any moe-induced symptoms including but not limited to dizziness, light-headedness, vomiting, diarrhea, heart failure, loss of limbs, asphyxiation, brain damage, or premature ejaculation.)

  4. Flutterz
    I decided that in order to keep track of what I've read, I'm going to write short summaries of what happened in Ginharu. I figured I might as well post them here, someone might find them interesting, and others might flame me for reading SoL garbage. Since I'm a Japanese noob, the reading will be very slow and probably very inaccurate, but it's better than waiting for the TL (ETA 50,000 years). I've read a little bit before today, so here's all that basically happened:
    Protag's step-mom takes an amazing photo of Yukito and his step-sister Yuzuki
    They then walk to school together, but rather than not be late Yukito drops his sister off and goes to visit his actual mom at his grandma's coffee shop
    Then upon being sent to some classroom or another for being late we meet the Canadian transfer student Bethly
    They can barely understand each other, but eventually Yukito turns the heating on and gets her a chemical heating pad from the infirmary, and he has to explain how it works... to someone from Canada...
    Upon reaching their actual classroom and giving introductions we meet the person we're sitting next to, Momiji
    We have a few awkward conversations with Bethly
    School is over and we go to meet our senpai ice-skating nearly-champion who just came back, Mizuha
    Last but not least, we meet the super-genki Aoi, Yuzuki's classmate who already became her friend
    The three of them then go visit Yukito's mom again, and Aoi basically tells her that she was right to get a divorce to follow her dream of becoming a super violinist
    And that's basically everything that's happened so far, to the best of my (poor) knowledge, time to go read more!
  5. Flutterz
    Making moeblogs in IPB4 is suffering now, I used to be able to copy and paste an entire post and now I need to manually embed each image and make sure they don't get messed up while I'm at it.
    There's a good way to fix those frustrations, looking at adorable MOE will make it all better, no matter what's troubling you!

  6. Flutterz
    Been busy this week, didn't get to read as much, took a bunch of screenshots though!
    Bethly came to school the next day, all healthy and less depressed.
    The one-room classroom had its first meeting, and it basically consisted of Yukito, the 5 grills and Momo-chan-sensei as the teacher. Since the topic was "My favourite thing" and Yukito was first, he gave a speech about how the local mountaintop was his favourite thing, and everyone liked it so much they decided they wanted to go there.
    Bethly also talked about her favourite thing, which is Alberta, and her mom. After the one-room classroom, everyone went home together, and discussed the two speeches.
    It was decided that they'd go up to the mountain top on the weekend. Naturally Yukito and Yuzuki arrived at the rendezvous point first, and they soon saw what looked like Hina being accosted by two large gentlemen, and figured they must be womanizers, so Yukito had to go save her.
    Turns out they were just tourists trying to get directions.
    Eventually everyone but Bethly arrives, and since she's nowhere to be seen we end up taking the cable car without her.
    A short while after we reach the top, we hear a familiar sneeze somewhere nearby.
    Once the group is all back together, everyone decides to have a snowball fight, as middle-schoolers do.
    Well, that's all for now, and now it's time for more reading!