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Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #15



Wow, I actually made another entry. Nobody saw that coming.


After Yukito and Bethly's first time, we skip to two weeks later and he's elected as the president of the Broadcasting club and they talked about their plans in the club and I didn't pay too much attention because again the broadcasting club segments are the most boring ones. I think they were discussing what kind of snow sculpture to make and everyone gave exactly the suggestion you'd expect. Momiji wanted the Phantom of the Opera, Hina wanted 101 dog sculptures, Mizu-nee wanted a mini skating rink, Yukito's idea was the mountain and everyone berated him for the idea of making a snow sculpture of a snowy mountain (and rightly so), Yuzuki suggested a bunch of sweets but people pointed out that that wouldn't work with just white snow, and Bethly's idea was a snowman which everyone though was a bit generic.

They talked about the ideas a bit more on the way home, and I don't remember if we've seen these outfits before but in case we haven't, well, here they are



Then it started snowing. It's a bit hard to tell from the screenshot because the snowflakes are animated.


"The first snowfall..."

Then she tells them that they should hurry because she got an idea for the snow festival after reminiscing about her mom and couldn't wait to draw it. The next day she reveals that the idea was to build a snow fort... filled with tons of snowmen. And of course that's the idea that they end up going with, because this is her route after all :makina:

Afterwards Yukito had to stay late to do whatever in school and everyone had already left by the time he went home... except for Bethly of course.


"Going home alone is kind of lonely..."

They hold hands (lewd) but it turns out her hands are cold from waiting for so long, so they snuggle up and get some canned coffee along the way, and Yukito presses it to her cheek.


"It's nice and warm..."

Then because Yukito's cheek is still cold she rubs her warm cheek against his.



A few days later they start rehearsing for their broadcasting club thing, and it seems Momo-chan-sensei got bullied into sculpting too.


"Making snow sculptures year after year, in this horrendous cold, is this some kind of punishment game? That's what I think whenever I see the snow festival..."

Then Yukito suggests they hold a training camp for snow sculpting.


"Huh? A training camp?"

She tells him that she'll think about it but that he shouldn't hold his breath. Something tells me the training camp is going to happen, though. Genre-savviness, perhaps? Or maybe it's that basically the next scene shows everyone failing at sculpting, most notably Hinata.



In fact Bethly's the only one of the girls who doesn't fail at it. Best girl: 1, not best girls: 0. She carves a pumpkin... out of snow, because Halloween is coming up soon. I wonder if they'll be dressing up...


"Alright then, we should have a Halloween costume party too!"

Second-best girl to the rescue :makina:

Later that day when they're out shopping, Yukito says that Bethly could dress up as a nurse or a sister character from an anime.


"...what does a nurse or a sister have to do with Halloween?"

Got him there.


"...you were thinking of something lewd, weren't you?"

Got him again.

Skip to the 31st, and everyone arrives at Yukito's place because half of the people live there anyway. Conveniently, their parents are at another conference so they can make all the noise they want.


"Oho, so we can make all the noise we want!"

First they eat and Momiji compliments Yuzuki's cooking


"That's amazing, Yuzuki-chan! After graduating, you should become my bride~!"


"H-huh? B-bride? That's... I can't be Nashiro-san's bride... we're both girls..."

Again, I don't remember if we've had this outfit before, but that's a cute dress Momiji's wearing. Also the maple hair ties. Get it? Momiji? Maple? (Momiji means maple for you plebs that don't know)

Then when they're about to go to different rooms to put on their costumes, Bethly is nowhere to be seen.


"O-onii-chan... over there..."

Yuzuki finds a puddle of blood. How scary.



And there's some freaky moaning coming from somewhere... and then the lights go out.


Yuzuki: "Kyaaaaaa!?"

Once they gather their courage and go investigate the mysterious sound...




Everyone but Yukito got scared shitless.

With that out of the way, everyone puts on their costumes and they decide to play a game in teams of 2, with the winner getting some amazing pumpkin pie, the loser having to eat worm gummies, and the team in the middle having to eat some fancy Genghis Khan chocolate.


Let's see, a witch, a pumpkin, a devil, a former zombie and a... little sister?

Of course Yukito ends up on a team with Bethly, Hina gets paired with Yuzuki, and Momiji and Mizu-nee are left together. They decide (or rather Hina decides) that they're going to play the mummy game, where you have to wrap up your partner in toilet paper to make them look like a mummy.

Surprising absolutely nobody, team MC wins and team underclassmen ends up last.

After spending several lines telling the other to eat the apparently just one slice of pie, Hina devilishly interjects.


"No, no, you have to eat it together"


"It's delicious"


"The Genghis Khan chocolate... isn't delicious..."

As the person who wanted the pie the most, Mizu-nee is probably the most disappointed. Afterwards everyone who doesn't already live there goes home.



TL note: "fuwa" means "yawn"

Yuzuki says she has to stay up and help clean up but Yukito and Bethly tell her that they'll handle it and that she should go to bed.


"...honestly, I wasn't sure if I wanted to dress as a zombie. Because you'd say something like "I want to see something cute""


"...so... actually, I bought a cute one too."

After making sure that Yuzuki is asleep, they go up to Bethly's room. She even tells him to turn around as she changes into it, but he ends up sneaking a peek through the mirror.




And they end up banging before she's even done changing.


”This position... is embarrassing"

A few days later Momo-chan-sensei tells Yukito that his idea for a training camp has been approved. 


So they start brainstorming idea for where to go.


"Yay! Skiing! Onsen! Table tennis!"

Not going to lie, I'd love another skiing scene, but I doubt it'll happen. Yukito then informs Hina that the purpose is to practice snow sculpting and Momiji adds that they're going to need to go somewhere with a lot of snow.


"In that case... Canada!"

Ambitious, as always. They eventually decide that they are going to the same town as they went for the ski trip, so maybe not all hope is lost?

Then we skip forward to the trip, and the first thing they do is go skiing! Or rather snowboarding, in Yukito and Bethly's case.


"Could you teach me again...?"

Look at this stylin' new jacket. She starts off kind of shakily, but quickly gets the hang of it... until she crashes into Yukito.


"...your face is covered in snow. Hahaha~"

Luckily no one got hurt. Afterwards they head to the hotel they're staying at.


"Huh...? My room is the only one with a private open-air onsen?"

I'm sure that's not foreshadowing where the next h-scene is going to be... In the meantime they move on to the main event, which is snow sculpting. They all spend several hours making a gigantic 3-meter-tall pile of snow, and then start carving the castle out of it. You never actually get to see it but Momo-chan-sensei seems impressed.


"W-what's that!? Woooooow!"

Then they end up having to destroy it because "what if someone trips over it" or some bullshit reason.


"Uhh... I get it, but it seems kind of wasteful..."

Agreed. But since this is just them practicing I guess it's fine. After eating dinner they use the castle-turned-pile-of-snow to make a snow hut. But it's not big enough for all 6 of them, so they take turns going in pairs.


"Then I'll go first with Yuzuki-chan! Afterwards Momiji-san and Mizuha-san can go, and then senpai and Bethly"


Yuzuki: "Oh~... it really is warm in here..."


Momiji: "If we had a brazier here, I could roast some mochi" (The snow hut was her idea and apparently that's what she used to do in snow huts)


"...looks like an igloo..."

While they were discussing the differences between igloos and snow huts, everyone else mysteriously vanished.


"I finally understood why Hina made us go last"

200 IQ MC right here, everyone.


"I'm glad we started dating..."

Of course they spend most of their time in the hut making out. After get back to the hotel they all take a bath (separately, you perverts), but Bethly seems to be in trouble.


"After taking a bath, I couldn't get back into my room. The door won't open, I think it's locked..."

This is probably a good time to mention that while Yukito gets his own room as a guy, the 5 girls plus Momo-chan-sensei are sharing 3 rooms... I wonder if Hina is Bethly's roommate. :makina:



Either this teacher is even more irresponsible than she seems, or she really wants these two to bang... more.


"Well... then maybe you could stay in my room?"


"...okay, let's do that"


"But, somehow... that seems... a little indecent..."

Get your mind out of the gutter, Bethly. This is a Christian visual novel with no premarital affairs.



Whoops, guess I spoke too soon. Turns out they went straight for the onsen, started play-biting and that got Bethly all hot and bothered and it all went downhill from there.

2 days later they're back home and Bethly's praying. Bit late for that, though


"Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come..." (She didn't say quite that prayer but it hardly matters, to be honest)

Turns out she's not praying for forgiveness for having been a bad girl, but just because it's Christmas. She was sad for a bit when she remembered that she used to do the same with her mother, but it seems she's not as miffed about it these days. Time heals all wounds, I guess.


"My grandmother would always pray for our family. Right now, you're all my family. So I'm praying for you... and for my dad who is back in Canada..."

How adorable. I bet the parents think she's using family as a figure of speech. Little do they know that their son, even after promising them he wouldn't bang Bethly, is banging Bethly. Anyway, after eating they exchanged gifts. Yuzuki got everyone some handmade donuts. Yukito got everyone new gloves. When his dad asks them if they're handmade too...


Yukito: "Of course! ...is what I want to say, but actually I just bought them."

And Bethly made everyone christmas cards with different pictures on each one. And again we don't get to see any of this. I feel like they could have allotted 1% of this VN's budget to showing some of the random stuff people talk about, a-la some visual novels that will overlay a small window with a picture of some item that's being talked about.

After the party, Bethly walks in on Yukito studying English, and when she reminds him that's it's Christmas break and he can take it easy he replies


"I can't take a break. Because just by studying English I feel like I'm growing closer to you."

What a sweetheart.

They talk a bit about the presents they got, each worried that theirs isn't good enough, and each reassuring the other that it is.


"No, I'm not just being tactful. The thing I want the most is already here..."


"Having said that, Bethly vigorously embraced me and buried her face in my chest"



"I already have my present... I don't want anything else... as long as you're beside me... I'm happy..."


And surprisingly enough they don't even ruin the moment by immediately going to pound town.

I think I'll end it here for now. I've been reading a ton these past few days and I have quite a bit here even though I've been summarizing a lot of it. Also I think I'm having an easier time reading Japanese, I don't even need to look up every single word anymore. Turns out if you do something for a while you get better at it. Funny how that works.



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