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  1. Oh my goodness, I've already read all of Muv-Luv and to me it's a work of art! Personally I prefer Muv-Luv (Alternative atleast) to F/SN, but at least Fate/ stay night didn't give me PTSD.
  2. Man, this one was a journey. Fate/ stay night is the longest visual novel I ever took to read. Taking over a year, while I read several games in between. At first I was turned off by the text covering the whole screen the entire game. the prologue didn't really get me hyped for anything, and magic seemed really complicated. And stupid. And the main character was weak sauce. But then I got back into it, I don't know how, or why buy I started up again last week and I finished it today. All of it. At 4 in the morning. I suddenly was captivated by the world, the characters and the way Shiro
  3. I'm back baby! Time to Tri-wield three visual novels. Sengoku Rance, and Kamidori Alchemy Meister, and Sono Hana 1, let's do thi!

  4. http://www.fanime.com/ I'm going and it would be cool to know if anyone else on Fuwanovel is.
  5. Basically returning to Fuwanovel after 4 months of hiatus.

  6. I had the order the same as the game presented it. Makina-Amane-Sachi-Michiru-Yumiko My favorite has to be Michiru, she's a really fun character, and while her route had fantasy features while the others were more realistic, she's by far The most unique route in the game and I love her for that. Then there's Makina's route; that was freaking badass! It's probably the longest one and appears to have the most effort put into it. Sachi's route as a suddenly childhood friend was better done than I expected it would. With the "meet at the place" it was pretty bloody clever. Amane's route was
  7. I feel like for the commotion going on about Marenovel and Chinaminovel, Hoshinovel could be a compromise. On the other and, maybe we could save Yurinovel until June 28th. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_Shimai
  8. I know that nothing will ever compare to the original, but I've heard a lot of negative things regarding the anime. I've already watched it and I think that it's a relatively good adaptation of the game with the ability to have all routes done in one story and even include extra common route stuff I didn't think they could fit it. It wasn't rushed or anything (with the exception of refrain) and did it in the same amoun of episodes As Clannad did. So please tell me, what was wrong with it?
  9. Visual novel streams are awesome. I'll be there!
  10. 3 and 42 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9KitlxeBnA
  11. For not really playing too many visual novels...CLANNAD, and Little Busters...
  12. So, after playing visual novels for a while, I've notices that they all have slightly different ways to get into routes. Some have a common route, counting up flags until a certain point in the story where they split apart. Some just put you into a route based on having enough flags or if a specific decision is chosen. Some games even have the main route as the common route, with the other routes on the side. Sometimes you have to unlock routes. Sometimes one route sets the story for another. So I want to ask, what is your favorite route format? Mine is probably when, after achieving certain
  13. My first VN didn't have voice acting so it felt weird when I played CLANNAD there was voice acting. I never turned it off though and got really used to it. Now when I play VNs without voice acting, it feels kinda odd.
  14. How could I possibly beat Shizuru? Answer: Kud!
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