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  1. How to track down the devs or the IP owners...?

    I emailed again I just got a reply from them and I already have (hopefully) the info that I was looking for
  2. How to track down the devs or the IP owners...?

    Well, 4 days later it seems he/they might not be interested to help, or might think I'm planning to take over their business or something, as I've got no answer whatsoever :\
  3. How to track down the devs or the IP owners...?

    Well, I just emailed MangaGamer support. Let's hope they don't think I'm trying to step on their market or anything like that, as that's absolutely not the case... Thank you for your answers
  4. HELP NEEDED for some research here! Does anyone know who bought C's Ware's IPs after they disappeared? Apparently both the dev studio and the parent publisher (Himeya Soft) either disbanded or filed for bankrupcy. They developed Divi-Dead, Maid Monogatari, and Eve: Burst Terror, among others. ANY help would be really appreciated!
  5. Ameba

    We just posted a new episode of our Dev Diaries videos! Someone just passed away. Someone close to our main character Hugo. He returns home feeling devastated, but also somewhat relieved. It’s the morning after, and he has a new lead on the killer. His friend’s death may have not been in vain. http://retrosumus.com/2016/02/dev-diares-06-the-morning-after/ http://youtu.be/sP6yclgrWIA Please let us know what you think
  6. Artist /visual novel/Chracters/CG

    You just got a new fan. Sent you a pm
  7. Ameba

    Thank you for your words! We think about a year from now.
  8. Ameba

    Well, I wonder if anyone has actually listened to the podcast... xD Just in case, you can listen to it here: http://retrosumus.com/2015/12/dreamcast-junkyard-dreampod-ameba-xenocider/ And if you speak spanish, we talk Ameba here as well: http://retrosumus.com/2015/12/entrevista-rock-and-rol-games/
  9. Ameba

    I joined The Dreamcast Junkyard team for the 20th episode of the DreamPod! New details about Ameba emerge!! http://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2015/12/dreampod-episode-20.html Sorry for my crappy english and thanks to the team for inviting me!
  10. Ameba

    Alpha screenshots. Also, we have a little surprise coming up in the next few days courtesy of The Dreamcast Junkyard...
  11. Ameba

    Thank you! We will reveal more details soon. There's some more info in the interviews I posted, anyway. Ok, you're giving me the creeps, how the hell did you guess that???? No, really, I should kill you know for this, lol. Actually, the character MAY have had an influence I wasn't aware of, but it's the way the series is developed, storytelling-wise, what actually is influential to me. It's an italian production and I'm spanish and it's not like the series were a hit here or anything, but I think the scripts are great. So yeah, perhaps there's more to our main character Hugo Smirnov than just Ezekiel and Hartigan (check out the 3rd video for a short character profile)... Heh... the supernatural element is not planned, but not completely discarded either.
  12. Ameba

    We at Retro Sumus are currently developing Ameba, a detective adventure in the form of a western-made, western-set visual novel. The story takes place in Madrid, Spain, as the main character is a veteran senior officer from the Policía Nacional. Here is the teaser trailer for the project: And here is our first interview with SegaZine last year showing some character sketches... http://retrosumus.com/2014/11/our-first-interview-character-designs-revealed/ ...and our second interview, with the Dreamcast Junkyard, where we showed the first screenshots of both Ameba and Xenocider, our 3D on-rails shooter also in development (nothing to do with VN's at all). http://retrosumus.com/2015/06/ameba-xenocider-screenshots-interview-dc-junkyard/ We have been sharing our progress (on both projects currently in development) in a series of videos we call the Dev Diaries: Also, we showed our first very early demo a few days ago at RetroBarcelona, the biggest indie/retro event here in Spain. Not a great video but, for now... So, why the Dreamcast, a 15+ year old console? Well, we're developing the game for PC as well as Dreamcast and Saturn This is my second thread here so I hope I'm doing this right! You can follow us on: http://facebook.com/retrosumus http://twitter.com/retrosumus http://youtube.com/retrosumus http://soundcloud.com/retrosumus
  13. Greetings from Spain :)

    Thanks for the welcome, guys Well, I would like to know people's preferences, as we're creating a commercial game. What VN genres do you like best, and what mystery/suspense/"detective adventure" VN's would you recommend to a newbie?
  14. Greetings from Spain :)

    Hello, my name is Carlos and I'm from Málaga, southern Spain. I'm a writer and all-around-communications guy at a small development team called Retro Sumus. We are currently developing two commercial games, one of them being a 3D on-rails-shooter, the other one being a visual novel set in Madrid, Spain. http://retrosumus.com http://amebaofficial.com I registered as a user so I could learn more from the community of VN fans and, of course, to promote our project as well. I've really enjoyed Xblaze: Code Embryo and Steins;Gate lately. I'm not particularly fond of date sims.