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    Tyr reacted to Ramaladni in Fuukan no Grasesta: gameplay as of Chapter 6   
    >Go to Hetare's Dungeon first thing
    Sure, if you want to be a hetare. This is about the worst advice you could give since while the game is a bit hard in the first two chapters, all challenge is gone after that. The enemies just can't keep up with you, especially if you stack certain key skills such as Charm (turn delay) on different characters. If you do so, enemies will hardly ever get a chance to attack. Even then, you just start one and two-shotting everything (and it's really anticlimactic when you have no troubles dealing with story events). Once arena is available in Chapter 3, you could very effortlessly get infinite GP and in this way making the game much easier by upgrading every skill to level 5, stacking on action/HP recovery items, party buff items, etc.
    What I would recommend is spending some time to create good Auto settings. It reminded me a little of the tactics system in older CRPGs like Dragon Age: Origins.
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    Tyr reacted to Ramaladni in The Lack of Choices in Swan Song and Why I Prefer VNs with Many Choices   
    I understand your preference for these type of works (VNs with plenty of choices), as this medium distinguises itself by how much agency is given to the player through forking paths and alternate endings, and it is surely one of the main draws of the medium. However, I believe that agency can be given in different ways other than choices. For example, Umineko is engaging because the many different elements come together to draw you into the atmosphere and it gives you a mystery to solve, while Swan Song forces you to think by yourself by presenting you with the idea of how people and society as a whole would change if they were thrust into catastrophe. How would your own life change if the rules and guidelines that keep society together had no one to uphold them?
    In fact, I dislike VNs with too many choices. They can often be meaningless and obscure your path towards reaching your desired ending. I'm not talking about games like Canvas 2 where you're presented, with dozens, hundreds of choices, but perhaps games like Clannad and Kara no Shoujo that leave you wondering how a seemingly meaningless choice you made many hours ago happened to lead to a Bad End. Thus, perhaps I'd say I'd rather have no choices than bad choices if that's the alternative.
    In conclusion, I think a balance is necessary, and choices should exist if they make sense in the story, not just for the sake of being there. Either way, hope you enjoy Swan Song, it's one of my favorites.
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    Tyr reacted to Yuuko in Dropped Minikui Mojika   
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    Tyr reacted to Dergonu in Shirogane no Soleil Review   
    I wanted to rant on for days, but I felt like I had to keep it vague to avoid spoiling stuff (/ω\)
    I don't like being spoiled before reading things myself, so I prefer reading shorter, non-spoilery reviews, and that rubs off on my own reviews it would seem. There is a few other games I want to write something about, so I'll try to make the next one longer.  
    EDIT: Oh, and I have never played Cannonball, so I have no idea. But, Shirogane is awesome. You definitely should check it out sometime.
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    Tyr got a reaction from RedK in My favorite eroge of 2016   
    Ah, I have to follow my own content or I don't get notified when new comments were posted
    I don't think it's a cuck-ge to be honest!
    One of the reasons I do like Dearest Blue quite a bit is because the protagonist is not a cuck. Not really. He might be a hetare sometimes, but I don't think there is any scene where he actually feels aroused by being NTR'd. Well, of course not, being NTR'd in his case means he lost the game and will die, lol. So the cuck fetish has really no part in this story.
    Well, I deliberately chose to call this article "MY favorite eroge" so I hope you can excuse my shit taste.
    The problem isn't really whether I like NTR or not, it's more the fact that I mainly fap to characters, settings and events, and less to simple fetishes. For example, cheap NTR games where the only story is that some bland girl cheats on some bland cuck with a bland stud don't do anything for me. However, if the same story is told with well-developed characters and relationships my D might be exploding. Like with elf's games.
    I know that this is not the way most NTR fans look at this genre, but it's a very arguable genre anyway, haha.
    Dearest Blue works for me, because the heroine feels believable, the drama is serious and the raping/cheating makes perfect sense in context. In most other LiLiM games, the purpose of setting, characters and choices is much more obvious thus missing the tension so my D can build its own tension.
    I'm pretty open to all kind of fetishes, but what I really don't like is bad storytelling. Even in my porn! 
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    Tyr got a reaction from Deep Blue in Tsuisou no Augment   
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    Tyr reacted to RedK in My favorite eroge of 2016   
    Thanks for the cuck-ge recommendation!
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    Tyr reacted to ExtraMana in My favorite eroge of 2016   
    I like your blog banner, It makes me kek heartily.
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    Tyr reacted to Funnerific in Monogamy privilege; eroge are kinda poly-friendly   
    Look at it another way, are you completely fine with your girl(s) being banged by other men? I wouldn't be.
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    Tyr reacted to RedK in Introduction   
    Looking forward
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    Tyr reacted to Dergonu in Introduction   
    Nice, I look forward to reading your posts!
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    Tyr reacted to ExtraMana in Introduction   
    -Wonders why bathroom pic is spoilered
    -Clicks pic

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