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    Gotta ask for it first =^.^=
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    Chillin' with Hades xD
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    DRAMAtical Murder, anime, reading, writing, playing games. I also paint and sing, I have a youtube channel where i post lyric videos and whatnot.

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About Me

So this is where you get to learn about me, huh??

Well, there really isn't much you NEED to know, is there?  Just the basics would do, right?

Let's seeeee...I am a nineteen year old writer who spends all her time playing games, reading, writing (duh!!), and being a general layabout with no social life to speak of.  That about covers it. But I guess there should be more than this though, right?

How about I start with what I write.

FANFICTIONS....MOSTLY.  I do have a novel in progress, but its slow going at this point.

I also have a youtube channel where I make Nightcore videos and such.  If you want to see some of my stuff, I should have the link on my profile somewhere. *looks around* yeah....somewhere.

I used to be pretty active on here, but in the last month or so, things have gotten bad on my end so I wasn't on very much.

But everything is okay now!!

For now, at least.  ^.^


I have a friend on here that means a lot to me that I haven't spoken to in quite a while, so I hope we can still be friends.  *fingers crossed*


If there is anything else you absolutely need to know, but PM me or find me on my Nightcore Facebook page.  I'll post the link down farther somewhere.  So thanks for stopping by, and I hope we can be great friends ^.^