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  1. Hey, i am intending to release it tonight, had some problems because not all the scenes are translated. Doing it right now though. Maybe in the next 6h Hey, i'll pm to you when i get the update done.
  2. I thought the other paths have been translated by Staircasesubs (aka.patch2)? If the other paths do not have translations and someone can give them to me, i will gladly add them to the patch.
  3. "If you want to make this into a patch or whatever medium that is out there on the internet, be my guest. Just please make sure there’s proper credits. Thanks" -kelvincome- It would have been wrong if i would try to sell this patch and get some gain from it.
  4. Hello there, This is a project to add translations to the Miu-path of Dracu-Riot! For translations i am using Visual Novel Reader Community Translations (when they are available) and if they are not then i use kelvincomes translations. I do not speak Japanese so i cannot proof read the texts when i am transferring them to the game patch. I cannot comment on the quality of the translations, even though VNR-community translations are up to bar in my opinion. And for further clarification, i am not translating anything, just transferring already translated text to the game. Only reason when i
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