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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to OriginalRen in Cheap Visual Novels!   
    I ship anywhere! If you want a general idea on the price of shipping, use this site here:
    Select the parcel option, and use Chiba as the prefecture for shipping. As for the weight, calculate what you think the weight of a PC box might be.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Wonderfullyevil in Finding VNs to go through   
    Some of the pretty obscure ones I saw were from one blogger I like. Other than that, I go through several VNDB tags, and some developers who created works I like.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Kaguya in Finding VNs to go through   
    If you just want a list of all the VNs, vndb.org can do that for you.
    If you're new to VNs, check out my "50 translated VNs you should read before you die" (it's in my signature).
    If you can read JP, you should take a look a Clephas's lists and his blog.
    In my case, I'm now reading stuff Clephas suggested me and I haven't read yet and everything that gets translated. After that, I'll just pick up interesting stuff on VNDB.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to edwd2 in Finding VNs to go through   
    sites like Getchu, 批评空间, get to know the companies and well known scenario writers and artists in the industry and follow them on Twitter
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Rabbit in Finding VNs to go through   
    In the past whenever I got bored i'd browse through VNDB by tags I felt like reading or just every VN with the score 6 and higher that has english translation, I gathered a huge backlog doing that so I just go to my backlog when I need something new to read. And there is usually hype about the new translations here and there so I rarely have to keep tab on new english translated VNs.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Terancam in Finding VNs to go through   
    I always ask to our Savior, Uncle Google, who's omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. 
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to astro in What's the purpose of adding people as friends in Fuwa?   
    When you become friends with someone on Fuwanovel, your accounts become linked with an invisible "affection bar," which increases based on your interaction with them. There are also various quests you can do to increase your affection. The affection gauge starts at level 0, but once you gather enough points to max it out, you can increase your affection levels. I still have to play around to test what sorts of effects each level grants you, but this is what I have discovered so far:
    - When your affection with another member is at level 2, the success rate of favors increases by 60%.
    - When your affection with another member is at level 3, you gain a skill point, which you can allocate towards one of two skills: "Add Skype [Passive]," "Game Together [Active, 80 mana],"
    - When your affection with another member is at level 8, you unlock the ability to ask for sexual favors (still testing this)
    There is another functionality that revolves around the affection bar. If you and a group of other people all share a high affection mutually, then you can form a party and participate in what is known to be "circlejerking." However, be warned! Circlejerking has a chance to decrease your affection with members who are not a member of your party. If you are looking to try to maximize your affection levels with a certain member, then I advise you to include him or her in your circlejerk adventures.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Zalor in Screw good VNs, I'm looking for bad Visual Novels!   
    If you select a random VN on the ren'py site there's a pretty good chance it'll be pretty poor.
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to babiker in Date a Fuwan (Dating Thread)   
    Alright, guess I'll become serious myself.
    I'm of Sudanese origin, born in Britain, and now reside in Saudi Arabia. Currently studying Software Engineering at my local University. Interests include novels, VNs (duh), most mainstream anime, and a few LNs. I'm also a big History nerd, if that interests anyone *wink wink* . I promise not to beat my potential love interest. 
    Searching for the bomb love of my life, but of course I have rather strict standards, that I'll be listing out for anyone who meets my interest. If you past the halal test, you're probably fine though. What is the halal test you ask? Huehue, we have a lot to discuss...
    And a pic cuz y nut 

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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to Narcosis in Do you workout?   
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    AaronIsCrunchy reacted to sanahtlig in Brace yourselves: Winged Cloud has finally made a Sakura game with a good story!   
    That's a standard eroge trope featured in a zillion (much better) games.  It's usually a prelude to penetration followed by insemination and subsequent ejection of new slime progeny.  See the Venus Blood series for notable examples.
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    AaronIsCrunchy got a reaction from Fred the Barber in Favorite anime OSTs   
    Maaya Sakamoto's 'Buddy' used in Last Exile - Fam, The Silver Wing. The series got a worse rap than I think it deserved as well.