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    LighteningOne got a reaction from Sonitz in Konichiwa Everybody!   
    Hey there guys!
    It`s nice to meet you all~
    Let`s be friends and chat sometimes whenever possible
    Let me introduce myself:
    I am a programmer in Tokyo.
    I work as freelancer graphic designer.
    I am also a translator for visitors as well as in a Bittorent site for site translation for mostly Japanese users.
    Curious? Why am i here?
    When you see that some users are watching --- thread and also anonymous users too?
    I am was one of them - Anonymous one LOL!! Yeah, i am! nervermind.
     I am here to provide all the help i can here as possible.
    Let`s be friends, said again
    Do not hesitate to post, comment, PM (private msg) me
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    LighteningOne reacted to Nosebleed in A Guide to BB Codes on Fuwa   
    I'm extremely bored so I decided to make this. there's really no deeper meaning behind it other than it might be helpful to some people.

    This post details all the types of embedding and text formatting you can do on Fuwanovel using BB codes.
    I'll be including even the basic stuff you can do on the text editor for people that may use the forum on mobile devices (since there's no editor there).

    I hope you may find something of use in some of these though~

    Text formatting Codes
    Text properties
    [b]Text[/b] Makes the text bold [i]Text[/i] Makes the text italic [u]Text[/u] Makes the text underlined [s]Text[/s] Makes the text struck Example:

    Font Size
    [size=1]Text[/size] Changes to size 8 [size=2]Text[/size] Changes to size 10 [size=3]Text[/size] Changes to size 12 (Normal size) [size=4]Text[/size] Changes to size 14 [size=5]Text[/size] Changes to size 18 [size=6]Text[/size] Changes to size 24 [size=7]Text[/size] Changes to size 36 [size=8]Text[/size] Changes to size 48 Example

    Text alignment
    [left]Text[/left] This sets the text to the left [center]Text[/center] This centers the text [right]Text[/right] This sets the text to the right Example

    Text color

    Note: All color values are in hexadecimal so make sure you know your hexadecimals if you're trying to manually set colors.
    [color=#FF0000]Text[/color] Changes the text color (to red in this case) [color=#00FF00]Text[/color] Changes the text color (to green in this case) [color=#0000FF]Text[/color] Changes the text color (to blue in this case) Example

    Alternatively You can also replace "#color" in the following code with one of the preset colors (just copy paste them) [color=#color]Text[/color]  List:

    Text font
    [font=arial]Text[/font] Sets the text to Arial font [font=comic sans ms]Text[/font] Sets the text to Comic Sans MS font [font=courier new]Text[/font] Sets the text to Courier New [font=georgia]Text[/font] Sets the text to Georgia [font=lucida sans unicode]Text[/font] Sets the text to Lucida Sans Unicode font [font=tahoma]Text[/font] Sets the text to Tahoma font [font=times new roman]Text[/font] Sets the text to Times New Roman font [font=trebuchet ms]Text[/font] Sets the text to Trebuchet MS font [font=verdana]Text[/font] Sets the text to verdana font Example

    Special BB Codes

    Hyperlinks [url=http://randomurl.com]Text[/url] Hyperlinks the text or image that's between the code. Example:

    Twitter linking
    [twitter]Twitter User[/twitter] Will hyperlink your twitter to your user and add an @ in front. Example

    Spoiler Tags
    [spoiler]Text[/spoiler] This will spoiler the text Example

    Horizontal Rule
    [hr] will add a line that extends across the post Example

    This code will make a list with bullets[list] [*]One [*]Two [/list] Example

    Acronym Code
    [acronym='Acronym meaning']Acronym[/acronym] Will give a definition of the acronym when you hover the cursor over it Example

    Member Code
    [member='Fuwa user'] Will automatically generate a hyperlink to a user's profile Example


    Embedding images [IMG]Image URL[/IMG] [img]Image URL[/img] Note: Make sure your URL ends in either JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF Example

    Embedding .GIFV and .GFYCAT
    The forum software supports gifv and gfycat format, just paste the video URL and it should auto embedd.
    If it doesn't, use the media code.
    Please make sure to spoiler these in order for them not to auto load/loop on slower devices.
    Note: Don't hotlink gfycat videos , they will not embed. Just use the regular gfycat page URL (one that doesn't end in .webm)

    Embedding videos (only works for youtube and Vimeo at the moment)

    All videos from Youtube or Vimeo are automatically embedded on Fuwanovel if you just paste their URL so you don't need a code.


    Embedding MP3

    All Mp3 URLs are also automatically embedded onto the forums.

    Note: The URL must end in .mp3 for this to work.


    Note: If you want to just link any type of media in URL form, you can use the hyperlink code.
    [url=http://randomurl.mp3]http://randomurl.mp3[/url] Example

    Embedding Flash
    [media]http://randomurl.swf[/media] Will embed anything flash If you want to edit the dimensions you can do so by replacing #width and #height with the desired values [media]http://randomurl.swf/#width,#height[/media] Example

    Remember these are just the basic codes, you can combine them to do all sorts of stuff too but I'm not going to get into that too much.
    Just make sure that when you're combining you don't mess up the order of the codes, particularly with Special BB codes
    So for example if you want to hyperlink an image, you would use [url=http://randomurl.com][IMG]http://randomimageurl.jpg[/IMG][/url] Never [IMG][url=http://randomurl.com]http://randomimageurl.jpg[/url][/IMG] Example

    And that should cover just about everything you might possibly want to do when formatting a post, though if I missed something, feel free to let me know.
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    LighteningOne reacted to Wonderfullyevil in What are you playing?   
    I know about SubaHibi, but the earlier, the better, right? You broke my heart at Totono though. Fortunately, a lot of other VNs I want are almost done being patched. Though the others have none in progress, but that's not really surprising.
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    LighteningOne reacted to InvictusCobra in The Konami Situation (video explaining it; not mine)   
    For those curious about the Konami situation and what led to it. Also, information on Kojima, MGS V: Phantom Pain and the new Silent Hill.

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    LighteningOne reacted to Helvetica Standard in Fan Translator Skills Registration   
    Handle: Helvetica Standard (You can call me Helv for short)
    Positions you can fill: Image editing, decensoring. Ren'py coding/scripting.
    Types of projects (VNs) preferred: Romance, sci-fi, mystery.
    Availability: (Filled) Currently working on Violet Hill (OELVN) and Witch's Garden (TL) 
    VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Anything romance, moege or art assets drawn by Kantoku *wink* Your Diary *wink* 
    Motivation for joining in on ftl: I love VN's and I want to help the translation efforts in anyway I can.
    Conditions: No Overdrive titles and no nukige.
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    LighteningOne reacted to JeMhUnTeR in Fan Translator Skills Registration   
    For an updated status, check my profile (this post is more updated than my profile).

    1. Handles 「 JeMhUnTeR | jemhuntr 」
    2. Positions 「 Image Editor | Video Editor 」
    3. Types Preferred 「 PC VNs only. Moege. Nakiga. Key. I'm only interested in VNs with pretty art and animations. 」
    4. Availability 「 Currently part of 5 (or more?) active TL projects. But I'm still available. Hit me up if you need an image/video editor. 」
    5. Future Interests 「 Basically anything with great art. Check my vndb wishlist. 」
    6. Motivation 「 It looks fun. I'm doing this for fun, so please don't pressure me. I changed my mind. I need to be pressured to work. 」
    7. Conditions 「 Nothing in particular. I just don't want to participate in anything I don't like. 」

    PS: If you need a few images edited for a project or anything irrelevant, I'm open to requests through PM/email/whatever.
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    LighteningOne reacted to REtransInternational in Fan Translator Skills Registration   
    Handle: REtrans International
    Positions you can fill: All technical processes: from text extraction to project hosting to release management and post-release support. Translators not included.
    Types of projects (VNs) preferred: PC platform
    Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects): As time permits; due to very high demand currently not accepting new requests until further notice!! queued requests continue to be worked when we have time
    VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: Any and all are welcome
    Motivation for joining in on ftl: Provide services and solutions to expedite VN translation
    Conditions (any additional conditions, under which you will or won't work): This service is provided as-is with no warranties expressed or implied.
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    LighteningOne reacted to Daeyamati in Fan Translator Skills Registration   
    Gonna hop on the bandwagon here.

    Handle: Daeyamati
    Positions you can fill: Editor/Proofreader
    Types of projects (VNs) preferred: Primarily otomege. I'm more willing to work on short VNS than long ones.
    Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects): Currently working on Anniversary no Kuni no Alice. Please contact me first to see if I would be willing to take on another project!
    Friday nights and Saturdays (GMT -. I have more free time when I'm on vacation from school.
    VNs most interested in producing an ftl for:
    Otomege! I'm not that picky but it has to at least tickle my fancy first. La'cryma games Souten no Celenaria (the first in the Steampunk/WAB series that never got a full translation) Ourai no Gahkthun (another in the Steampunk series; there currently aren't any plans to translate this) Licensed by MangaGamer True Tears (never got a full translation) Clover Point Fortissimo & its sequel/FD (perferably the all-ages version) MIYAKO OZMAFIA!! Licensed by MangaGamer D.C. Girl's Symphony ~Da Capo Girl's Symphony~ Zettai Meikyuu Grimm (PC version) Tokyo Yamanote Boys Series Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement Motivation for joining in on ftl: I want to share VNs and make them more well-known.
    No nukige. Mature and stable group. I'm a very easy person to work with, unless your team is full of dickwads and dipshits. No hard perfectionism. Loose work hours. My schedule tends to be all over the place at times, especially when I'm in school. Also my mood affects whether or not I feel like doing anything. Have scripts ready to edit. Contact: PM, Twitter, or email [daeyamati@gmail.com]
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    LighteningOne reacted to Nosebleed in Please help me with running Oreimo on ppsspp.   
    Try running an untranslated/unpatched version of the game to see if the problem still persists (so we know if it's the patch or not)
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    LighteningOne reacted to Clephas in Fan Translator Skills Registration   
    Register on this thread if you're interested in participation on a project and have the available time and commitment.
    Alternatively, you could look for a project yourself in this thread here:

    1) Handle (the one you use or plan to use):
    2) Positions you can fill:
    3) Types of projects (VNs) preferred:
    4) Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects):
    5) (VNs most interested in producing an ftl for:
    6) Motivation for joining in on ftl:
    7) Conditions* (any additional conditions, under which you will or won't work):

    *Please mention whether you are fine with working on Yuri, Yaoi and Otome games.

    It is recommended you don't say 'anything' on your 'preferred VNs' section. You should always pick games that fit your interests or were good enough to keep your interest even after it has tortured you for several hundred hours. It's one thing to take anything when you are making money, it is quite another to do so when you are a volunteer.

    Example (by Clephas):

    This thread has various rules to ensure the highest accuracy and usability:
    -Do not register here if you believe you will be unavailable soon after. Commitment is necessary for projects.
    -Please make sure to click "Show 'edit by' line" when editing you post, or at least, add a date for when it was last updated if you can help it.

    -This thread will be heavily moderated to assure only posts which fulfill all the conditions will remain.
    -If you fail to follow the format you will be PM'ed and we will inquire about what you missed. You will then edit your post with the missing information or will have it edited by a board mod.

    -People who still remain on this thread will all be PM'ed by a board mod in order to ask whether they are still as readily available as they were when they registered. This will happen irregularly (but probably not more than 3 times a year).
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    LighteningOne reacted to Eldin in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
    there's a dude, somewhere on the internet, that aims to turn every world of warcraft tier set into a gundam.
    this one is my favorite. if i had a gundam, it would look like this.
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