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  1. Firecat, I think the image you're referring to was actually an example of what *not* to do — i.e., cloning from a non-opaque source won't actually cover the original type. So when you say you can still see the word "no" with the brush used, you're absolutely right. :)


    The rest of the post discussed the easiest way to non-destructively remove a baked-in transparency from an image so that it could be more effectively be retouched. Imagine there was an intricate illustration of a dragon on the paper behind the type. That's something you'd need to spend some time repairing, and it's definitely not something you'd want to do with a non-opaque source.


    And while there are hundreds of image editing programs out there in the world, I'm but one man; I don't have it in me to write hundreds of sets of instructions. (Not while sober, anyway.) This is my personal blog, so I thought I'd focus on my personal workflow. #adobe4eva :)


    no you rely on PS tools for building this, many programs do not offer this kind of editing. also when i say "color" i mean the color that is close to the no color, it takes time yes but way better than a picture that shows the brushes that use it.

  2. its messy, i can clearly see the no with the brush you use. the simple way to do this is removing the no with the paper color, if lines stick out, cover it up (this is supposed to be an old paper and no one will care about perfect). transplant the white and then the final picture can be light transplant.


    one thing to add, you only made it for PS there are hundreds of software that offer the same thing but different ways.

  3. Just so you're aware: this post / promotion triggers my internal scam alerts.  You need to be very careful how you pitch this.  I would NOT title a post "Help raise awareness for suicide" (Buy my game!).  If you want to pitch it like that, have a respected 3rd party with no vested interested in your project make that pitch for you.


    i know it sounds like that but this is the best i can do, not many people talk about this topic.

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