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  1. well its very insulting that you think hispanics do not talk to black people or if you think we are close related to them, just like those american tv shows that people watch and support everyday. who ever you talking to doesn't really show you the whole community (considering that you didnt know how many cubans live in NY and that we were forced to learn english). its very clear that you are only talking to the americas not us, when i mean "us" i mean people in The United States of Mexico (you mad that we stole this ), Spain, South America, and parts Cuba (there getting internet give them tim
  2. what is wrong with you... we don't look like them or talk like they do. some of us are white so we easy can blend in if trump wins and declares us useless, we also talk english i'm living example so don't think we don't know what you are talking about. NYC is filled with mostly cuban people, they are the ones who talk fast spanish with few cuba words mixed. la hispanics what? or do you mean L.A because even they don't know what your game is about, maybe you were talking to the american hispanics that have lived in america since birth who might forgotten spanish. my evidence http://ww
  3. dude we haven't heard of your game in the hispanic side, you dont communicate with us or know where we are on the web. also the number of followers could be fake, youtubers have done done this with their channel, facebook as well, tumblr with hype train, blogger.com, etc you get the point.
  4. this, this is what i'm talking about. its all business talk and not human talk. you have to talk to your audience as a person not a way to convert them.
  5. technically they already have exposure for their game, the west will just bring less profit since its not very popular and many americans dont consider vn a game. this is why i give up translation on my vn for english, no one in america willing to look into the game without some kind of high PR. also yes the bad english just didnt help but more importantly the americans are never going to consider vn like they do with anime, thats a fact and unless the americans do vn won't get anywhere.
  6. you could talk to people more about the project, you barely even post anything here.
  7. its official you are a fanboy, i wouldn't say it if you didn't try to think about the developers it hurt but now i definitely know that you are completely and unreasonably hopeless. how could you so selfish, how could you not feel any pain for the developers, why do you think you are a dictator. this is what i'm talking about the steam community being a bad community, just because a community is saying something doesn't mean that community is considered a good community. in other words, jumping into the bandwagon is bad for small business, youtubers did the same thing and look what happen
  8. yes thats the thing i'm talking about, the story might fit but history is mess up. unless someone where a full time historian, the audience will not understand certain reference to your vn.
  9. *looks at everyone's post* i'm not wrong, it has become a community filled with people who -> think <- they are worth more than gold.
  10. its already been point out that people use that sentence has propaganda. if 20+ developers cant find success in steam (including fnaf creator) then there is no way that sentence is true. also just so people won't counter, fnaf creator only wanted to create games (sure i dont like the game). but he is receiving death threats, this has nothing to do with being popular or else there would have been laws about this kind of stuff (this is not a law debate). the fans are the ones to blame for making a game into something people dont like, where do these fans come from? steam because every fnaf
  11. just a few notes: Akkadian is a language for ancient Mesopotamia people, not a culture. Kushite Religion is very limit, there is basically no research done on it. you will run into Canaan vs Bible reference battles, its best to understand why the two are not the same. Hindu mythology is way different, it never has been connected with the bible while everything else has in some way shape or just plan added. it seems lke you not thinking this through, while the story you thinking might sound good, it ultimately will be misleading if people find that nothing in the vn is
  12. let you said this: "I don't think Steam can really fall under the title of "Just Another Website" until you can name 9 more similar websites that deliver the same impact as Steam does." now you saying it can't do that: "You still need to market the game and give the fact that it's easily accessible through Steam as a selling point. Even then, there's no guarantee of success." oh and just so you wont play word games, keywords are "impact" for the first sentence and for your current post the keyword is "success".
  13. i already told my answer, steam cheats developers and ruins lives. you can read the 20+ developers who went through the process of what many consider "best platform for pc software".
  14. its never proven, people keep saying that to make it "sound" like its the only place indie developers visit but thats not true. this is coming from people who also say that there are more users in xbox/psp than psp/xbox, its all just lies that people want to fill to make it true. steam ruins lives, the ultimate truth, 10 developers who got nothing from steam: http://www.puppygames.net/blog/?p=1574 http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/StevenHonders/20151228/262752/The_consequences_of_failure http://venturebeat.com/2015/07/29/five-nights-at-freddys-developer-on-hate-and-wo
  15. well the guy never had any plans to do this, just like every youtuber who i came across and wants to be the next pewdiepie.
  16. all i know is that you hate me, which leads people to not trust anything about him/her. its sad to see how much hate you have on me for something so simple, maybe you can call this peer pressure. if you stop the hate you lose credit on the forum. its very sad how things when for you, we all dont hate users on this forum but continue to do so will just end on a bad taste. unlike you i dont care about credit i'm too old for that, everything and everything you youngers try to do will not work. also you got to admit, the legal system is 50/50 you cant win or lose.
  17. and you say i'm wrong, everything you just said is wrong and this is just one sentence. legal stuff is tricky, there never is a clear winner so forget everything you never known about legal system because people did get away with killing someone. i did prove that steam is bad but you hate to admit the truth just like how religion people hate the truth about jesus being a zombie (like come on, he die 3 times that should never happen). it really is opposite day here domino's supports my claim https://twitter.com/dominos
  18. by the way happy national opposite day, everything you type is opposite. so ya good job satsuki for admitting your guilt and i didn't give you cancer nosebleed.
  19. tu shade (english version = same to you) read the propaganda post or read the whole thread to understand what we are talking about. think about this, we do have millions of humans but we do not have millions of gamers under one synchronice time event or people wanting to always play games 24/7. its impossible to have 100 million or 10 million people under a website, its been proven time and time again that it will crash. we dont have the technology to handle that much people, there just no possible way. steam did go down once, dont say its due to a bug because its not, so if th
  20. what did i tell you about statistics, do you very belive a game like war of war tank has over 100 million players, or darkorbit with 950,000,000+ players, or LOL (league of legends) to have 90 million players. everything you shown is clearly nothing. it involved with people's minds, we talked to a psychologist and discovered that people tend to overreact (like what you guys are doing now) or over think what people say or read. we can never prove people's mind about why they choose to go with steam but we can find the rumors and people's money. our psychologist agrees that people tend t
  21. again with the propaganda and you being part of a congregations group, look let me give you the straight fact answer. you and me have nothing, you and me are never going to win this because it can't be proven or seen. i stated this on the thread and you completely ignore it, the real fact is that steam is a website, you cant say no to it being a website. steam is taking advantage of indie developers, if i could at least make people question the use of steam then maybe this wont happen in the future. its all about stopping something before it gets out of hand. i said "the
  22. it involves developers not gamers, since i clearly shown that steam is just like any website (where's your meat shield now) it will help developers with deciding their fate. however it might be be lost in time but if i could at least save some people then i'm fine with that.
  23. yes congregations (its a real word look it up), every last one of you believes in the propaganda and started a propaganda just to prove a point. the real answer is that no one knows the answers, people had made steam into a wonderful thing and look at this, you guys even did it bravo, A++ propaganda. steam isnt doesnt even -> market <- itself into a wonderful platform, the only thing its saying its to buy from them just like any other ->market<-. lets talk about this -> market <- steam has been doing, we know its been on since September 12, 2003; 12 years ago. why didnt
  24. good now you are learning, now how many people do play the game? the answer is up to the user since we can never get that information. how many people bought that game? its a very random answer but once people buy it they dont consider to rebuying it ever again, thats right once its brought you are left with no way to gain money from the same audience. that brings us to where things are right now, sales do look good but its one time buy. you could add DLC but really why? vn are complete stories and not one the western companies has rights to upload a DLC. the hype train can only go so far as w
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