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Full Metal Gorilla Review



Since we have both of Muramasa and Parquet was released at this week, I decided to make this week VNTS Review title as 'Full Metal Gorilla'. As for the reason 'Full Metal' here is should be obvious in that it's Muramasa translated full title (Full Metal Daemon Muramasa), while for 'Gorilla' it's because we have Touyama Nao voicing Parquet heroine and for the info she also voiced Chitoge at Nisekoi anime in that Chitoge got the nickname 'Gorilla'. As for this week, the most obvious biggest release here would be Muramasa in which it's one of very well received VN that many did wish for it to be translated. Other than Muramasa, we also have Nekonyan released Parquet and Mangagamer did release Uchikano as well, so overall this week is quite a big one if we talk from the number of the release. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

We also have Sayooshi full English translation patch in which it's very surprising because it's from the new translator instead of the old one. The thing is though the translation was quite rough, and that the translator did delete the patch so that there's no way to get Sayooshi in English by using that patch (Although considering that it's release date was at 28th and that it took a day to be deleted safe to say that the patch was already spread through one way or another). Sayooshi itself is a denpa VN that said to have good atmosphere in that it'll featured a teacher MC who suffer some pressure when it come to become a good teacher because he find himself lusting to his female student, and from what I see apparently whether the MC can be said to be sympathetic or not is quite questionable to a degree. Anyway I can only say that you may check Sayooshi translation if you can somehow get it and curious whether the translation is really acceptable or not, although seeing that the translator decided to move on from this perhaps you should read this with caution.

Mangagamer did released Uchikano back at 26th, and as usual they announced their next release in which they'll release Namaiki at September 30th later. I can only say it should be obvious that Mangagamer next release is not Sona-Nyl, but at least it should be good VN to look forward if one want to have three siblings of dark elves have sex with the MC who is basically their illegimate brother. Back to Uchikano, the premise of is that we'll have the MC who is the office worker somehow get to live together with his (Female) childhood friend who is about to graduate from the high school, and from there both of MC and his childhood friend will have some romance along with some sex scenes (Duh). Go get Uchikano if you're in the mood of reading some VN that feature single heroine (It seems that recently there's a lot of this kind of VNs getting translated), and have fun. Oh yes there's still no info whether Mangagamer will license the rest of Uchi series or not, but seeing that Sekai manage to get Seiiki trilogy license perhaps it's only matter of time to see Mangagamer license the rest of Uchi series.

Speaking of Sekai, this week we also have them give the updates for their project, with the biggest one is that they manage to get Rewrite+ fully translated and edited which make sense seeing that they already set the Steam store for it and that they'll try to release it at Q4 2021 later (I'm not sure that they can do it, but still good luck to them in regard of that). For the rest of the updates, we have Kimagure was at three quarter in QA, Amairo Chocolata 2 was halfway translated, ReLord 3 was at 95% edited, Slobbish Dragon Princess 2 was fully edited, Yumeiro was at 12% translated, and Amatsutsumi was at a quarter in QA. Lastly we also have Sekai did update their secret project with the current progress was at 45% translated, and from how fast the translation work on this is perhaps the VN itself would be a short one (It would be nice if it's Nine Shinshou seeing that Palette did goes all out to make it all age in which I assume that they preparing to sell it on Steam).

Sayooshi controversy aside, we have several updates from fan translation as well. As for the updates, we have Moe's route of Akagoei was fully translated and therefore the next route that was currently being worked on was Tsuki's route, Loverable was at 96.87% edited, Sumino's route of Snow was fully translated and the translator will translate Ouka's route next, and Taimanin Kurenai was at 35% edited. Other than those updates, we also have ZAP released the interface patch for Amayui Labyrinth Meister back at 20th so you can understand the gameplay of it if you've been wanting to play the newest Eushully's VN there. I know that there's an update in regard of Sukiuso from Kakugo translation, but I'll save the talk of it for next VNTS Review.

We have Nekonyan did release Parquet, and as we know it's the very first Yuzusoft all age VN that they made by themselves so obviously you shouldn't worried about the censored sex scenes in case anyone wonder. For the premise we have our MC who is a blank slate that involved in an illegal experiment that uploaded a lot of memories into his brain in order to create a new being. Obviously he has a lot of confusion toward his own identity thanks to the experiment, so he decided to set himself to search his own true self. On his first step, he met two girls (The heroines) who also the victims of the experiment and from there the MC befriended two girls. While the premise sounds serious with uploading memories into brain in order to make a new being and all, in the end it's still Yuzusoft VN so of course you should enjoy the character interaction and comedy (No sex scenes for obvious reason). Go get Parquet if you want to try it or want more Yuzusoft VNs, and have fun.

As we know the biggest release at this week is Muramasa in which we finally have JAST released it back at 25th after they teased it since way back at 2012. Muramasa itself is one of very well received VNs that said to have a lot of thought provoking theme, although whether it's true or not is depend on each other (At least late Conjueror think like that). In Muramasa we have Kageaki who is work as policeman that solve the cases, and he has a goal to kill a certain person for the revenge. It should be noted that the arc word of this VN is 'This is not a hero's story' and therefore Kageaki here is more or less like Sayooshi's MC in that whether he's sympathetic or not can be quite questionable to a degree because of his actions to reach the goals can be said as quite awful to say it lightly. Oh and don't forget that there'll be a lot of death, which make sense considering that it share same writer as Hanachirasu that also has a lot of death. Get Muramasa if you're curious on whether the good score is justified or not and want to find out about that, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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