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The White Labyrinth Review



Since we have White Album 2 translation project and Amayui Labyrinth Meister interface patch released, I decided to parodied this sport documentary movie title (The White Maze) so we have 'The White Labyrinth' as this week VNTS Review title (And it would be still fitting for the movie title anyway seeing that 'labyrinth' is the synonym for 'maze'). Welcome to this week and as for this week, plain is a way to say it nicely and quite dry would be a blunt way to say it. That said, perhaps we can say that it's a breather after big release (ie Muramasa) at the last week, although it didn't mean that there's nothing to talk about here because we still have some updates from fan translation and JAST did teased about their new six licenses (If anything else, at least fan translation updates here is more than make up for this plain week). Let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well

Cherry Kiss did plan to release their license at 10th later. You should know what type of the VN that they'll release, in that it's yet another nukige and the premise is there's an arrogant elf who forcefully transferred into the real world and our MC did a good job to make the elf as his slave so much that the elf become masochist (It's in the title duh). We also have one sudden release of an old VN (Or rather old adventure game) with the name Mirrors, and by old I mean it's 31 years old VN (Released at 1990) and can only be played in modern computer through the use of emulator (It's for PC-88). The premise is we have our musician MC was haunted by terrible nightmare which is he was stalked by someone who want to kill him in the dream, so naturally we'll help the MC to solve his own problem in that it'll lead to multiple ending. Well go get Mirrors if you're in the mood to play an adventure game from 1990 (The link for patch download), and have fun.

We have quite a number of updates from fan translation, so let's round up the updates here. For the updates, we have Chaos Head Noah common route was at 99.21% translated in which it bring the overall was at 99.43% translated along with 20.31% TLC-ed, Chiccakunai Mon was at 81.3% translated along with 6.5% passed the first editing, Loverable was at 97.41% edited, Harugi was at 23% edited, and the editing work on Taimanin Kurenai was stopped in order to do some proofreading on with the current progress is that he's already done 10% of it. As promised I'll talk about Sukiuso progress in which it has significant progress in which it's been at past halfway (59%) translated along with 5% TLC-ed and 2% edited, and the team did aim to release this at mid 2022 later. Other than those updates, there's also some big updates from Axanael and Akagoei although like Sukiuso at last week I'll save those two updates for my next VNTS Review. Lastly there's some update on White Album 2 playtesting with one Closing Chapter route (Koharu) was finished playtesting, and the team might need to work until November to received the reports on playtesting results.

Lastly we have JAST sort of teased us about the six new licenses at their tweet. While in the past I'm sort of feeling complicated because their slow release pace, right now I would say that I look forward to what kind of the licenses that they have seeing that they've been improving the release pace compared to a year ago (As in their release pace can suddenly rival Mangagamer in this year) and one of those might be interesting title. Anyway I did assume that one of the license might be Flowers Hiver, although seeing that JAST did try to keep the new licenses secret and that they already sort of reveal they've been working on Flowers Hiver safe to say that the new licenses might not included Flowers Hiver. In any case, perhaps one of the license might be Tokyo Necro if one want to be hopeful seeing that JAST manage to release two big Nitroplus title in recent years (Kimikoi and Muramasa).

That's all for this week VNTS Review and sorry if it's been quite short. See you next week.

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