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Valkyrie Profile Hollow Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for the info this is not my review on new Valkyrie Profile game but instead I combined both of Walkure Romanze and Venus Blood Hollow for the title, so we have Valkyrie Profile Hollow as this week VNTS Review title (For the info 'Walkure' is Germany (And Japanese as well) word for Valkyrie). As for this week, well I can say that this week we didn't have many update from the official companies but instead we have more updates from fan translation. That said, we still have two interesting updates though in which the updates in question are Venus Blood Hollow exact release date along with the sudden release of Walkure Romanze common route patch, although in the end this week is still quite plain to a degree though. Anyway let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Cherry Kiss did released their nukige back at 20th, and for the reminder it's about the hero who somehow need to help the demon king that he was defeated beforehand because the demon king himself turned into female because of a spell. Since this is nukige, naturally the way of hero helping the demon king is through sex in which turned out that it has some effect of lessening the effect of the spell. Go get the nukige if you want to see the process of the hero help the demon king to overcome her problem, and have fun. Oh yes we also have Shiravune did release Honey*Honey*Honey on Steam today after three days delay thanks to Steam reviewer review it longer than usual, and you can get the VN from Steam if you have the problem of getting the VN from Johren thanks to DRM Denuvo that DMM applied at Johren.

As for fan translation updates at this week, we have Eustia was at 92.59% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was reached 60% mark (60.61%) TLC-ed, Taimanin Kurenai was at 30% edited, 87.2% original lines of Summer Pockets (Past 60,000 (60,124) lines mark) was reworked, and Chiccakunai Mon was at 80.1% translated. We also have Loverable update, although the update is quite questionable because the progress of the translation was regressed from fully translated to 98.11% translated and yet the editing progress here had a slight update with the current progress was at 96.18% edited. I guess the regression of the translation progress was because of recounting some of translated lines there, and in any case here's hoping for this five years old project to finally reach the conclusion at this year.

We also have White Album 2 progress, and the current progress is that they did some playtesting with the Introductory Chapter was already done and currently it's been at common route of Closing Chapter. As for the release plan, it'll be at Autumn later so let's see if the team can really release the full translation patch of White Album 2 later if all is going well. Senmomo editing also going well, and currently the editor was almost done with the first script file in which it contain ~20% of Chapter 1. The translator also acknowledged that what he did by not releasing the scripts file immediately can cause some suspicion that he did MTL (Especially when he also said that he's been working on this at 16 hours per day which to say is almost impossible for normal human), and therefore he ask us to wait until the trial patch is released later. I'll look forward to see the trial patch later, and I hope that the patch release can clear the doubt whether the translation is really MTL or not (I can't really say whether it's true that Senmomo is MTL or not, because both opinions has enough circumstantial evidences to support those).

One of 4chan member did suddenly released the translation patch for Walkure Romanze (The post in regard of that), although unfortunately it only cover the common route so if you want to play the girls routes you need to wait for a while (The translator did say that he'll translate the heroines routes as well). I did some searching, and turned out that we have Walkure Romanze translation project way back at 2012, although of course nowadays the translator himself was already disappear or dropped the project seeing that there's no more updates from him (Duh). Back to the new project, as for the patch it also has a choice of whether you want to use honorific or not in which turned out that a lot of people have problem whether the translation keep the honorific or localized it (I don't really care much about it to be honest). Anyway good luck to the translator in regard of the project and I hope I can see full translation patch of Walkure Romanze.

Lastly we really have Ninetail announced the exact release date of Venus Blood Hollow as Keimaru (Venus Blood director for the reminder) said, and it'll be at November 26th later which to say is faster than the target (For the info the target is at December later), and the reason is that they think it's safer if they moved up the release date in order to ensure that the physical edition can be delivered by November end or within December thanks to pandemic. Other than the exact release date announcement in which it's obviously very important, we also have Ninetail said that they already consider some of fans who request the translation of mini fandisc of Venus Blood (The extra VNs that featured one heroine in a sex scene), and for that matter they said that they'll do mini crowdfund if they already decided to do that. Lastly, I look forward to Hollow release at November 26th later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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