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Poll: my next blog post



Content of my next blog post  

10 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think my next blog post should be about?

    • Patriarchy: what it is and why you should care
    • On cultural appropriation
    • Offensive ableist expressions you are probably using on your daily life

I'm not sure what to post next, but I do have some ideas, so I wanted a little help. Vote on the option you think is the most important or that you'd like to be discussed next.


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I'm going to be blunt when I say cultural appropriation is in itself a ridiculous concept for anyone born in the US, where cultural appropriation is in itself our culture.  So please, don't go crazy on that one...

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Patriarchy. I'm already done with culture appropriation.

Basically boils down to 'be considerate when drawing from other people's cultures' and 'someone will always be offended, and that's okay.'.

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