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Bishoujo Mangekyou TL Update 34: Things Speeding Up



Update time.

I’m feeling pretty good from that QC progress, with some very solid editing and proofreading progress. There was a 15% leap in progress for the QC, and I really can’t give enough credit for my QCs for that. 8% in editing hopefully will more or less be a norm from now on, now that we have almost all of our shit sorted through. Proofreading has had some nice progress, which hopefully will continue from this point onwards. Look forward to it all.

On our other half of the weekly update, the secret project. I teased some info a day or two prior, saying that the title will be 10 hours or lower, so at most the same length as BiMan1 or a bit more, but not a full-blown VN, so sorry for those, who were waiting for something bigger. It might happen in the future, but not now.

Progress time:


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