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Indie visual novel publishers? What are my options? What are your experiences with them?


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After doing some thinking regarding the development/production of my own visual novel, my team and I are starting to come to the conclusion that most of our current problems would be solved by having...well, an actual publisher! XD We self-published our first visual novel, Siren's Call, and while things went better than expected, our biggest weakness as a team was definitely marketing/putting our game in front of people's faces. 

I know that Sekai Project exists, but other than them, I'm having trouble finding out exactly what our team's options would be in regards to indie visual novel publishing. Does anybody have any experience with small publishers? If so, what are the pros and cons of those you've interacted with so far? Who seems worth contacting and why?

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It does seem that for indie VN devs (practically everyone in the EVN sphere), we're kind of left to fend for ourselves. Even with Sekai Project, from what I've heard they still expect you to do a fair amount of the marketing yourself. I suspect a major reason for this is that there isn't enough money in the EVN niche to support a publisher that wished to deal exclusively with EVNs. 

I haven't looked carefully into it though, so I'd be curious to see what others have to say

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