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Japanese publisher "Artlink" releases "Iinari Tsumairo ~Tomaranai Koshizukai~"


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Did you have a nice Halloween Day? Today on the 1st of November, Iinari Tsumairo ~Tomaranai Koshizukai~ (rough TL: Obedient Sexy wives ~Can't stop thrusting~) was released by artlink. I personally can't access it since they only publish via Steam, but this seems to be a nukige with a lot of heroines. When we take a look at the release history, the game was first published in its package version in Japan with all of its content intact and then on 5th of April 2019 they released every single route/perspective of the game (12 in total) as a separate Android DLC while also offering the download edition on that day.


Now, the game released on Steam in (for now questionable) English. Artlink wasn't exactly known for top-notch translations of their titles yet. You might still remember the readable, but not yet good title "HarmoneY" and "Knot Fiction" that they did. The version of Iinari Tsumairo they released now has a new name, it's called "Iinari Sugiru Onnatachi" (Obedient Women). Also, it seems like you have to buy every single route as a DLC, like it was the case for android. All the routes don't have the standard names of [Heroine]-Hen/Story, instead they actually gave these routes some topical names about what happens in them. 


Looking at the screenshots available, there is not really anything that stands out negatively. They do use a lot of simple sentences in the screenshots (a tactic that might try to conceal smth), but the character descriptions that are available don't look MTL'd so far. It's pretty solid, but obviously my quick observations should be treated with caution.


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The title is quite ironic seeing that all of those so-called Obedient Women here are more or less not quite obedient toward their husbands lol. Anyway, as of now only 4 out of 10 stories are released so it'll be a while before we have full release. artlink themselves are more known to localize Hachimitsu Soft VN which featured single heroine nukige featuring wife heroines (And faithful), so when I see the name artlink I thought that it's quite an ironic title only to find out that artlink here is just the publisher. Anyway you can play this if you're content with the available translated stories and been interested with it (At least the art is not too bad).

PS - There's interesting trivia to note in that the developer of Obedient Women here also spawn a lot of imprints, with one of those imprint is CandySoft in which said brand would eventually formed the well known Minato Soft.

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