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I'd consider euphoria and in general psychological horror VNs way more disturbing than something like Maggot Baits. Over-the-top guro is only effective for a short time or if you're particularly susceptible to it, otherwise it gets boring or plain laughable.

So, my picks would be stuff that relies on sense of dread and entrapment, and makes you somewhat care about the characters that get abused. So euphoria... Also maybe Starless or Shiniyuku Kimi, Yakata ni Mebuku Zouo?

And if you're looking simply for most fucked up/most over-the-top extreme ones, it'd probably be a competition between Maggot Baits and Starless? The latter probably having even greater variety of weird fetish porn. Still, one could argue for a lot of random nukige to get that title if they find the theme particularly obscene. Like, No Dog No Life is just one gimmick in a short game, but I find its brand of messed up particularly memorable. 😛

I'm not a specialist on dark VNs, so these are just loose impressions, but I'm very curious what others consider to be "most disturbing". :3

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A lot of Nitroplus games are disturbing... in particular, I recommend Jingai Makyou, Muramasa, and Tokyo Necro.  The former because of the approach to the inhuman, the second because of its unique approach to moralism and duty (with mostly disastrous results for the characters), and the third because... well you have to play it to understand.

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