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World End Syndrome Walkthrough (Work-in-progress)


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Been years since I've done a walkthrough here, but World End Syndrome is legit a visual novel that should be played with one imo.

World End Syndrome
Digital NA Playstation 4 | Digital NA Nintendo Switch | Publisher Website (Arc System Works)



"I can't help but feel like you never say what's on your mind, and you keep a lot repressed. Like you've given up."

World End Syndrome follows the story of a 17-year-old high school junior trying to escape his troubled past. After causing an accident resulting in his older sister’s death, he receives an invitation to transfer to Mihate High School. He takes it gratefully, hoping to start a new life and forget his past.

But Mihate Town is not the coastal paradise it appears to be. It is home to the legend of the Yomibito, where the dead come back to life every 100 years. Once resurrected, the Yomibito attack the living to regain their sanity, but the dead’s thirst is never quenched. This year happens to be 100 years since the last known incident…

As the protagonist navigates his new life with a colorful cast of new friends, a student at Mihate High suddenly dies. The murder sends shockwaves through the idyllic town as he finds himself caught in a string of strange incidents, romance, and unforgettable summer experiences…

[From Arc System Works]

Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order

There are five heroines: Saya, Hanako, Maimi, Yukino, Miu, and a final truth route.

  • Yukino's route is unlocked upon completing Saya, Hanako, and Maimi's routes.
  • Miu's route is unlocked upon completing Yukino's route.
  • Truth route is unlocked upon completing Miu's route.

Recommended play order: Saya -> Hanako -> Maimi -> Yukino -> Miu -> Truth

Route Guideline

Prologue: There is a rather lengthy "Prologue" that spans through 6/1 to 7/30. None of the choices matter in the prologue.
Create a save on 7/29. Once the prologue is completed, you will receive Worst Ending and be returned to the main menu. Don't panic! That was supposed to happen! 
Resume the game and there will now be an unlocked choice on 7/30 "...you should wait a little" that will allow you to continue onto the month long Free Roam segment.

  • These heroine walkthroughs will seek to MAXIMIZE the amount of scenes you can have for a heroine during the month long Free Roam by telling you which location they will be at on a certain time and day. You'll see right away that it would be very frustrating to play through this VN blind, because you have no idea where anyone will be and will have to trial and error / save and reload many, many times.
  • The "Student Handbook" obtained from (date) event will add a menu option that displays your current "Aura" (compatability) with heroines.
  • Failure to enter a heroine's route by 8/24 will result in the same Worst End that you got in the Prologue.


Kamishiro Saya


8/1 Thursday

  • Club meeting - Talk to Saya
  • (Afternoon) Seafront - Kamishiro Hotel
  • (Night) Seafront - Kamishiro Hotel

8/2 Friday

  • (Morning) K. Manor
  • (Afternoon) Seafront - Kamishiro Hotel 
  • (Night) Suburb - Miu Cafe (accept Mission 02)

8/3 Saturday

  • (Morning)
  • (Afternoon)
  • (Night)



Yamada Hanako
Yamada Hanako



Kusunose Maimi
Kusunose Maimi



Otonashi Yukino
Otonashi Yukino



Amana Miu
Amana Miu



Truth Route




Missions / Collectibles

There are 10 missions that can be completed during the Free Roam month, along with XX number of collectibles.



This walkthrough was created by me with lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and LOTS of trial and error. 😒

12/14/20 - got the basic walkthrough template up. Time to do mass trial and error~

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