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Visual ‘’Light’’ Novel on Youtube - Shadows on the Azure – [action fantasy adventure]

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Hi all,

So I made some YouTube content, a ‘’visual light novel’’ however I noticed nobody is doing this (as far as my research goes, or at least in English - correct me if I am wrong).

Shadows on the Azure – [action fantasy adventure genre]

Two siblings from royal blood who adventure into an ancient land where a civilization has been eradicated after they served their gods – Leviathans - for an unknown period.

Anyways I was wondering if people like it, just be as harsh as you possibly can I try to improve the content by adding more pictures of the characters, better voice acting (yes this is my voice – And yes also the girl is acted by yours truly (freakin tough to do))  and especially better writing.

Progress JUL 2019:

-          Some of the art I can’t make more complex (background) as otherwise it takes too long to make a video, but I do tend to improve each drawing in the same amount of time so quality would slowly improve.

-          Working on part 3 outline already written and drawings halfway through

Your expertise and opinion is highly welcomed!

If you know anyone else doing something like this please link their content, I want to learn from it and check it out. If you are inspired to do something similar be my guest! sounds really cool! 

Questions welcome as well.

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So it's all your original story, not an adaptation of something? Looks cool, but I'll need to have a bit more time to listen through it in peace. Also, one suggestion: you should probably add subtitles as captions, rather than just a permanent part of the video, as they aren't really necessary most of the time and are kind of distracting. It would be cool to be able to switch them off. :)

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