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A Stress-Reliever for the Devs, A Headache for You [RELEASED]

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Hello! I'm here again to represent the original work of my team. We called ourselves The Wrecking Crew. Previously we've created a meme card battle visual novel called Dark Lords Don't Give A :) . Now, our current ongoing project is called CloudNovel Breakdown. Before we start, you need to know that The Wrecking Crew is basically a gathering of CloudNovel developers who want to have fun by trolling players. Kinda like a stress-reliever break from our actual, serious project. So yeah, from times to times, we gathered together and do a small project like this. 

A HEAVY WARNING: Do not play our game if you're depressed, stressed or anticipating a serious game.


Play as the main character (customizable name), a noob developer in an engine CloudNovel. As she is about to publish her first visual novel, a bug occurred! Now, she is responsible to go on the journey, entering the visual novels' worlds one by one to find a magic button that will reset the server as well as fixing all the bugs.

Story Origin

Actually, the story is inspired by the actual incident that happens in CloudNovel. At that time, the users of CloudNovel was growing in numbers so we had to move to a new server to accommodate those numbers. However, after we moved, something went wrong with the server where the site would slow down abruptly and sometimes just inaccessible. Thus, while we're waiting for the server company to fix this problem, the only temporary solution to solve this was by asking the site owner, Sonya to press the reset button. 


SO here comes the actual, real and unofficial description of the game.

You create a game, you publish it, a bug happens. Called site owner, wait for the bugs to be fixed, but oh shoot! Your bugs are contagious! You are forced to enter the visual novel world to find that magic button in the hope it will fix the engine.

NOTE: Due to your contagious bug, the visual novel worlds you entered would have bugs too. Anyway, we hope you a safe journey.



We worked with several artists/developers/writers to do this. Each of them will make their own visual novel inside the game. So we will have different styles of art and for non-artist developers cum writers, they will be using a free art material. So in other words, features we'll be having are:

  • FREE!
  • Different art style from different artists (including unfinished art) or free-to-use art
  • Different genres of story (all-in-one VN)
  • Bugs, many bugs
  • Sometimes, MC would transmigrate to a different body in certain worlds, so MC can also be male sometimes.



is a female character who is eager to try out a visual novel engine and somehow she ended up making a bug while she's trying to publish her first visual novel.

Original MC

Original MC
Art by fluffness



MC in another visual novel world
Art by megumi




Yup, we've made the MC cries a lot.



Art by Haryu


If you haven't realized yet, this is a meme game. We've made this for fun. This is our stress-reliever.

If you decide to try playing this game, please do note that YOUR ENJOYMENT IS NOT GUARANTEED!

We planned to release this game on the 1st April on CloudNovel site.

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