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Someone can tell what is the name of the song used by ninetail for their demo?


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Just took a look at their site, and I saw their video 


It was not bad at all, but I was interested by the song used for this, (and I saw that it was not the japanese opening of Frontier), I tried to use shazam and other tools, but I have no way of discovering what is this song (maybe it will be the opening of the us version)

Someone has an idea?

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Yes it was the original opening with the English dub that was sang by the original singer (I already checked that), in which this is not exactly the first time Japanese media pull that - ef anime adaptation was the more well known for that. At least it's quite good dub imo. Anyway, the title of this song is quite obvious at 1:35 (Key of Destiny or if you prefer Japanese version Unmei no Kagi). I hope that my answer here can be help.

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