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Kud Wafter - REALLIVE.EXE help, please (SOLVED)


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Hi. I'm sorry for coming specifically to ask for help, but I've been trying to get Kud Wafter to work for hours, now.

Long story short, I installed the VN and get this message when executing REALLIVE.EXE:


For what I've found, it looks like I need a NoDVD patch, but I can't find it anywhere, nor any alternative to the problem. Does anyone know of a solution or has the patch?

My computer is Windows 7, 64 bits, region set to Japanese. All other VN I have (Little Busters, Rewrite, ef...) work perfectly (with English patches, of course).


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This should work: http://azure.kdays.cn/onekeyunlock/alpharomdie-build20140214

Run it and drag reallive.exe on the interface, it'll then create a shortcut that you can use to run the game.

It doesn't seem to work; I get an error message when executing the shortcut the program creates.

For now I'll try reinstalling and such. I may have screwed something. Thank you, though!

EDIT: Turns out I just had to run it as administrator, lol. It works perfectly now, thanks!! ^^

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