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  1. Some animes that meet your requirements after checking my MAL: F/SN Unlimited Blade Works - It's not too long, enjoyable to watch with amazing animation and a happy ending that feels pretty well closed. I haven't read the VN though, so I can't compare it to the original story. Gosick - Amazing mistery story that connects its arcs very well, with likeable characters and, again, a closed happy ending. Nagi no Asukara - A lot of slice of life and romance, so the story has a lot of ups and downs, but it ends well. Hanasaku Iroha - Slice of life again. The ending is not AS closed compared to the other recommendations, but it is happy. The one I'd probably recommend the most is Gosick. It's enjoyable all the way through and it left me with a nice feeling of completion; I wouldn't ask for more episodes.
  2. Finished the main story of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon yesterday. It really felt on par with the DS titles, and overall a very entertaining experience. I'm very happy with it. Still not better than Explorers of the Sky though. That game is a masterpiece in my eyes I'll try to end the postgame these days, and maybe I'll 100% it eventually.
  3. You're right, there's been no way for me to know how other games have been changed in the past. That's only the more reason for me to keep studying Japanese so that I can begin playing JP games and VNs. If I get fired up now of all times is because it's easier nowadays to compare all versions, and because I developed my own ideas about how translations should be done. I honestly believe they went too far with this game, regardless of how script changes have been done in the past. That being said, my biggest complains about Fates were already about the JP game, seeing how it's basically Waifu Emblem now. Fire Emblem games as I used to know them are pretty much dead regardless of translation Sorry for the rant though, I felt like I had to express my thoughts a little.
  4. I don't think this thing has been posted or discussed yet. Have a look at it. (USA official TL on the left, fan TL on the right). As someone who wants to work as a translator, this makes me want to vomit. I really want to punch whoever is responsible for this. NoE had better make up for it, 'cause I'm not paying jack for this piece of shit TL work. There, I raged over it. Now I'm feeling better.
  5. Don't expect to win so easily, I've been practicing this sport for 10 years B-but you can't know that for real until you try! Don't you watch anime? We need to follow its clichés!
  6. Oh snap. I'm already looking forward to it. Though the Zero Escape games are better, Ever17 was amazing. Just be aware that the beginning is pretty slow, but when you get to Tsugumi's route (which you should probably read last) and the true route, you'll see why this VN is extraordinary. --- Meanwhile, slowly but surely, I'm advancing with Umineko. I expect to finish Chapter 6 by the beginning of march.
  7. Confession: French sucks. Sorry to any French speakers / anyone who likes the language. I just can't stand it, and I have to study it at college Oh, and I confess that I have not yet turned in any of the works that count towards the final mark. Failing grade incomming, yay.
  8. 5 bucks it doesn't come to the west. btw, some of the comments in this thread are pure gold. Good job
  9. Got Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon yesterday. Pretty enjoyable so far, although I heard it's still not as good as Explorers of the Sky. The narration and characterization is pretty good, and the (European) Spanish localization is really amusing. Gameplaywise it feels very much like DS Mystery Dungeon games, which is good. The beginning of the game, however, feels a little easier, so I hope difficulty scales properly.
  10. It looks extra fluffy. 10/10 would hug all day.
  11. Yep. I got it before any other ending, including dead ends. I decided I'd trust Phi and kinda rolled with it 'til the end I remember writing down the number you're given in that ending in the Memory of the game, and it doesn't come into play until waaaaaaaay later, so I pretty much couldn't use one of the two Memory pages you're given for anything else I'm wondering, does the Vita version have only two Memory pages, too?
  12. "Why don't you come to the planetarium? The beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what. All the stars in the sky are waiting for you." Yes, I had to do it. On a serious note, planetariums are cool af. I've been in some before and they're a great experience. Now I'm jealous
  13. An ending you can get straight away from the beginning is Dio's, but it has a ton of info you're meant to understand later in the story. I won't tell you how to get it, obv, but it was the first one I got when I played and I hope you don't stumble upon it any time soon. ---------------- On another note, I finally finished Chapter 5 of Umineko!
  14. I got dumped in february 3 years ago, I'm still in love with that girl, and my chances during this time have officially dropped to 0. Fuck my life. Here's my waifu:
  15. I have a freaking 3-day weekend and it's NOW, on saturday night, that I have time to open a VN I didn't sign up for a social life. ~~ I honestly don't remember shit about what you're currently reading in VLR I need ro read it again one day, 'cause I only remember the main plot. Glad it's breaking your mind, though
  16. I had some time to kill, so here are all my desktops: PC: Laptop: Phone: (Minor Rewrite spoilers)
  17. I want Raku to end up with someone other than Chitoge. I mean, can you imagine the internet's reaction? Reddit would probably explode. Yes, I just want to watch the world burn. --- On a serious note, even though Chitoge is the obvious choice, the whole development of all characters feels good, the series is still funny, and I don't regret a single minute of the time I've spent catching up with the manga last holidays. PS: Marika best grill.
  18. Moe is love, moe is life Thanks for recommending which SonoHana VN to pick first, btw. Oh, and I wouldn't turn down a yuri VN just because it has little/no H content. I'm looking for that now, but I woudn't discard reading those later. Actually, I'll probaly pick one of those when I'm done with Umineko. Shorter stories will be much welcome after 100+ hours invested in a single VN.
  19. I think I'll give Lilium x Triangle a go first since it's short, and then I'll check SonoHana series. Turns out I already heard about these series before, but I didn't know the name. Two birds, one stone, I guess. Thank you for your suggestions
  20. I'm looking for a yuri VN that has good h-scenes. You know, for science Lately I've been reading Ultimate Boob Wars for this purpose, but I'm pretty much done with it, and I thought I'd love to have some yuri next. I'd much rather read a translated VN, but if you know of a very good untranslated one, I might be able to work my way around it.
  21. I would recommend eden*. It's short, it's enjoyable, it doesn't stick to the usual cliché of a 17 year old MC in highschool... And it has overall a very good quality. I recommend this one to many people, actually. I decided I'd read it after watching the opening, so in case you haven't seen it, take a look: Umineko is also amazing in many ways, and I'm not even done reading it, but unless you have shit loads of free time, finishing it will take you a few months at least.
  22. Very interesting data, for sure. I definitely tend to go for the longest and highest rated VNs out there. My average VN takes a full 29 hours, and I read slower and less often than other people. No wonder my list has only 19 entrys since I started reading VNs.
  23. A feature I love about VNDB, though not very big, is the random quote that appears at the bottom of most (if not all) pages of the site. By clicking on it you go to the entry of the VN the quote is from. Sometimes you see a quote you didn't remember from something you already read, or realize how weird it's out of context. I've spent hours reading those quotes on boring days
  24. Yep, not used to hearing Canadian English, definitely. btw, you're not the first one to point out mi nick/avatar. I probaly shoud've just stuck a picture of a moe girl instead of Roy
  25. Welcome to the comunity~ Nice avatar btw, although I personally prefer Jill over Haar The review is pretty good, I enjoyed watching it. You really got me with the "definitely not Archer" I'm guessing you are not a native English speaker, right? (I am not one myself, so I may be wrong) I had no problem understanding anything you said, don't worry, but I bealieve talking a little slower and focusing on pronunciation would improve your videos.
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