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Sword Art Online Infinity Moment PSP [YT English Captions translation]


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Some time ago I found some translation scripts and was sad about it that no patch could be found, even if a translation of the story is existing. After that I decided to transcribe it like other people are doing it on Youtube so other people can enjoy it. I liked the VN style of this game, so I thought to bring this topic here.

Time passed, and I don´t know if it is just unknown what I did or people are not really interested in it. Till now are 2 parts done, roughly just the beginning of the game, but I don´t really know if I should continue after all, or if it is worth the afford to do it further. I planned to do a bit, but after all it takes some time because I am not really motivated to spend much time on it. If there will be further interest on it, I will continue.



I wasn´t sure where to post this kind of topic, so I did it here in this section. Some mins later I got the feeling I should post this in Fan Translation Discussion, but I don´t translate anything, the script is done, only subbed the videos... Got confused.

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Well, never knew that Hollow Fragment included everything from Infinity Moment. In what way? But no spoilers please. And I just started it some time ago with this, and didn´t do much in the past, so I wasn´t certain after all.

If I'm not wrong the official version was the reason the fan-tl was dropped in the first place. 

Found from the internets:  "They are the same game in one. You can access the two different games from the teleport in the main city hub. One is for Hollow, one is for Aincrad (Infinity moment)." 

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