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Unfinished project: Akaiito Trial

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Hello everyone,

This one is a pet project of mine that's been lying dormant for nearly 2 years. I present a very unpolished version of the Akai Ito English trial (dubbed "Trial A").

The original Japanese trial was released on PC as a direct port of the PS2 game, but is limited to the first two days.


@ About

Regarding the original translation project led by C&D, it seems to be somehow dead (listed as such on vntls).

This not-beta-tested-not-finished-with-flaws release is based on the "Yumei Patch" released in January 2011 - TL: ZoharContact.

No installer, just unrar and run.


* Runs in Western locale (in Windows 7)

* Runs in Windowed Mode (for debugging/reverse-engineering purposes)

* Script, Graphics & Font reinsertion works

* The two most important menus are translated

* Flowchart and Glossary work

Known Issues:

* Not TLC'd, unedited translation

* A lot of UI elements were not translated

* CGs/splashscreens were left untranslated (where applicable)

* The borked splash logo on startup is intentionally borked. Was meant to test graphics reinsertion.

* No OP movie. I wanted to have it back, but the way I reimplemented it was flawed.

@ Download

You will find the download here:

AkaT110-eng-A.rar (175 MB)


@ Hacking department

I made some cleanup of the hacking tools and documentation, you shall find it here:


Used Compilers = Visual C++ 2008, Visual C# 2008.

Used Interpreters = PHP 5.x

I doubt there will be much public interest in re-releasing the trial properly, but if anyone has question or needs some details, feel free to post hereafter~

Just know I don't intend on working on other aspects at the moment (feel free to clone/fork the repository).


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hey does that mean text reinsertion can be done for the full game?

in that case, perhaps someone might be interested in finishing the translation...?

(thx for the post btw)

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Hey Aaeru,

Short answer: yes, I think

I'd wager it's probably doable, but will require some mildly trivial to minor modifications such as movie (SFD/MPG) playback, which would otherwise be skipped.

And maybe some other functionality that were not ported. Only betatesting would tell.

For those interested in hacking, check

function @ 00426490 - switch base @ 004264DD "HandleBytecodeMajor"

in Akaiito.exe

In scripts found in the PS2 full game, no new "Bytecode Major" command (codes > 0x12) was used. Nevertheless, I haven't checked if all subcommands are effectively handled or properly supported.

You can see all commands that are passed through (uninterpreted) in generated *.script files, they are represented as [P]XXXX.

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As for a newer TL effort, it kinda died but if you can find a translator there seems to be some progress on the hacking front at least? Would avoid holding breath until someone actually steps up to translate it and keeps at it.


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