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[CLOSED] The Final Editon of Official Fuwa Anime Club: Revamp Cycle and Fall Seasonal Cycle



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  • 2 weeks later...

So, i had some time, so i decided to share :Teeku:

Here are my mighty scores for Myself;Yourself! :holo:





Story 8/10
This anime reminds me alot of Grisaia with a bit less detailed observation over "dark" past, so here is what this anime is about:
Once upon a time there were 5 friends, but becase of reasons one of them was forced to leave to another city and entered new school,
there he was bullied af and tried to commit suicide but failed, after changing a couple more schools he was permited to return to his old childhood school and friends,
meanwhile, his cute childhood girlfriend founds out her mother actualy cheated on her husband and she is not a daughter of her father, after poor guy realised that he burned down himself
along with his house and wife, the girl survived by jumping from second floor and become tense, cold and quite af...at the sime time, mother of our MC's other two friends(twins,boy and girl) died
and their father taken in a slutty woman who is after his monneh and position, kids dont like her but he decided to take her side...oh and thats not all, one of a classmates of the twin-girl
are actually a lesbian and she tried to hit on her but was shutdown, so she kept it down but at one point decided to take a revenge over her former crush.... this is the basic setting
of the current anime, there is a couple more fucked up stuff (like good ol' knive stabbing) but i guess this is already enough to make a picture... i really like this kind
of stories and it was donne pretty nice here, but due to a short format it had not enough messy details, still contrast feels good :sachi:

Characters 8/10
MC is smooth af, all other characters are fitting too..and they all crazy except for one girls :sachi: sounds like a nice romance cast, right? :miyako
Soundtrack 7/10
It was not distracting, it was fitting..but i cant remember a single track, so i guess it is a solid 7.

Art-style 7/10    
And again, it was okay :sachi: backgrounds, characters, animals - everythng looks okay (not gorgeous thou)

Enjoyment 8/10
At first i liked how lite it was and ez...had a slice feel about it...and then i liked how it slowly turned dark...i really enjoyed it :sachi:

Overall 8/10
It is a nice drama+romance anime, looks pretty similar to Grisaia to me, no tears involved but in a couple of episodes feelz was real, a bit short thou, but i liked it and i have no regrets watching it :miyako:



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Okay, the cycle is rip and votings now begin :sachi:

2 days to wote and then we start final cycle of this year :holo:

A short notice on the matter:

This is will be the final votings on current list, starting from january it will be new list of 12 genres. Most likely i will ask for preferences to include in it. Also, most likely the Januray will be special cycle with movies/ovas in it (probably 2 movie)

So...get ready for choosing with which genre/series 2016 will end!

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