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Forum rollback to August 3rd + cookie issues

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Small topics can be opened again; the bigger issue is always all the more serious content with people who write blogs/walkthroughs/articles and just post them on the forums without saving them beforehand.


This was a really unfortunate string of events, tho. Servers crashed during data backup. It can be helped by setting up more frequent database saves, but it taxes the servers. It's difficult to find a middle ground and usually all you can do is pray that the servers will always work properly 99,9% of the time.


Can't really say I'm missing all the shitposting that went into oblivion; knowing the everyday life of Fuwa, we'll have a lot more of them soon :makina:

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One thing I'm noticing since the rollback, I need to sign in every time I visit the site now, whereas before it kept me signed in indefinately. No big deal, just a minor annoyance.

Same here. I thought it has something to do with my browser.


Sounds like you need to clear cookies.  Depending on browser you can clear site specific cookies.  For chrome you can right click -> inspect element, then click resources on the far right tab, in the left sidebar there is a cookies tab.  Right clicking on "forums.fuwanovel.net" and clicking clear should solve the problem.  Remember to tick remember me when logging in too if you want to stay logged in, can't tell you how many times I forget to press that on sites I frequent.  :michiru:


Worst case scenario you need to clear your entire browser cookie stash, but if you are like me and have 20 different logins at any given point in time, that is a pain in the ass.  

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