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Found 9 results

  1. Hello people. I'm back with more problems. So currently I have this problem file:///C:/Users/Edmond/Pictures/Screenshots/Screenshot%20(2).png and I don't know what it says. The link goes to http://www.settec.jp/patch/support.asp?id=4434F424A413136313930303033363039593 and I have no idea what it says again. Can someone just tell me what to do? Thanks a lot
  2. I'm not sure it exit discussion thread for Rewrite since I couldn't find it anyways. So which it exit freely to delete this thread and tell me where I can find Rewrite Discussion thread. So I wanted to make Discussion thread where we can talk about Rewrite game from Key. My first played it was long time ago, it was just some day after it come out, I download it from Erogegames and try to play it but didn't intresse me so much so I stop play it but suddenly I want to play Rewrite again, so I download it and have played it again after long time. Now want I to hear what there think about Rewrite and what there like about the game and what there don't like about the game. I want to know who your favorite heroine and hero is? What do you think about gameplay? Yes that's what discussion thread is most about. So come and join discussion about Rewrite.
  3. I'm at the middle of Chizuru route, and started to wonder... According to the walkthrough there are 3 "bonus endings", but is there a true route? Like Clannad where the true route was Nagisa.. right? Is Kotori route is the true route like that? Is "Moon" like the "After Story" of Clannad? I know I'm getting a head of myself, just got a bit too curios about all this :S
  4. Ok, I'm fairly new to this forum so I hope I have done formatted this request properly. Firstly, I shifted my save data files from my documents to the rewrite folder and basically lost all of game data I think. However, I still have all my saved data and can load into any of them. Is this caused by me shifting my saved data from when it was originally placed? Or is there some other cause? I don't really mind redoing Rewrite, after all it is one of my favourite VNs, However this is where the 2nd problem comes into play. Secondly, It appears that I have lost my gallery option in the Rewrite Title Screen. To be sure that some error has happened and not that the Gallery hasn't activated because I restarted the game, I decided to play roughly 5 minutes into the game. After saving my progress and coming back to the title screen I found absolutely no change at all. To me the 2nd request is of more importance than the first because I can't fully enjoy redoing the VN if I can't access the gallery. Thank You Glitch of Moving save data restarting the game. http://imgur.com/O5OmYqD,EAaiTRo#1 Glitch of Having no gallery at all http://imgur.com/O5OmYqD,EAaiTRo#0
  5. So I recently got the torrent for rewrite from the Fuwa site and managed to download it all fine. According to the site no installation is required, however as can be seen by the image provided the readme states I must run an executable in order to install the game. I realised that none of the applications on the left worked and skipped to installing the patch. It worked(?) or at least I thought it did until I get this error whenever I try to run the game: I have no idea what is causing this and I'm almost certain my system locale is set to Japanese since I've been playing other VNs just fine. Thanks in advance. UPDATE: According to the readme there 2 fixes that I can replace the original application with but neither worked.
  6. I started to read Rewrite after looking around the web for a new VN to dive into. Long story short, Rewrite was commonly at the top of the lists, and it was a KEY game, so I guess why not? I reached to a few in game days and its the first time I can really say I don't like the protagonist. I've played a few VNs by now, Cross Channel, Grisaia No Kajitsu, Katawa Shoujo, Hoshizora no Memoria, and Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai. I don't say all of these VNs protagonists were perfect.. But god this guy is just stupid ><" So basically my question is, why do people love Rewrite so much? or to be more specific, Is the protagonist gonna stop acting like a moron at some point?
  7. Hello everyone. I'm aware this topic is not new stuff, but believe me when I say I tried literally everything I came across reading the old threads when trying to fix this (SiglusEngine hack file, different .bat files, re-download of the game, etc), but it was all to no avail. The problem itself is kinda unique too, so I'll just describe it providing the required information: Are you running your computer with Japan system locale? (link to instructions): Yes Game Name: Rewrite Description of Problem: The game simply doesn't run. Whenever I launch the SiglusEngine.exe, the game window shows up for a second in a white screen, then immediately closes itself. At first the game ran fine, but yesterday (after getting the bad end...!), while I was skipping through already-read-text, Windows suddenly froze. I had to hard-reset, and after the system rebooted this problem appeared. It might help to know that the hard-reset did cause problems at another program (foobar2000), but a simple reinstallation was enough to solve it. Your Operating System: Windows 7 64 or 32 bit: 64 bit What did you already try? (Uninstall/Reinstall, Redownload, Run as admin, etc): Basically all the of the solutions already provided, as stated above. Did you download your game from Fuwanovel?: Yep One last thing before ending this post: the only thing that seems to have somewhat of an effect is running the SiglusEngine-gaijinhack.exe, which causes this message to appear: http://puu.sh/ahKUY.png - Of course, as soon as I close it, the game closes too. Okay, that's all I think. I'm kinda desperate, holidays are practically here and not being able to continue this great game after the bad end really sucks Thank you a lot in advance; if you need to know anything I didn't say, just mention it.
  8. Are you running your computer with Japan system locale? (link to instructions): Yes Game Name: Rewrite Description of Problem: I recently downloaded Rewrite, and am having a trouble with the initial .bat file that has to be run before running SiglusEngine.exe. When I run it, it checks for administrator privileges and fails to find them. However, I only have the one account on this computer, which is the admin account. Since that's the one I'm currently using, I'm not sure why I'm getting this message. Your Operating System: Windows XP SP3 32 bit What did you already try? I've removed the read-only status from the entire folder, disabled my anitvirus software, and run the file under compatability mode. These were essentially shots in the dark. Did you download your game from Fuwanovel?: Yes.
  9. Hey there, I was just wonderin if there was a walk through for Rewrite like the one for Little Busters here: http://tlwiki.org/?title=LB!:Walkthrough
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