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  1. Happy Birthday! We hope you'll find your way back to Fuwanovel again :)

  2. I've downloaded that, but when I try to run it. it says "please type the location where you want to place the extracted file" - do you know where I should extract it? Thanks ***SOLVED*** For those who have encountered the same problem, just extract it anywhere, find the directX setup from where it has been extracted then run and install it. Sorry I'm not really used to the latest version of windows.
  3. I've downloaded that, but when I try to run it. it says "please type the location where you want to place the extracted file" - do you know where I should extract it? Thanks
  4. d3dx29.dll missing in your computer. Help I'm using windows 10 with Direct X version 12. I've found this as a solution " http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/904-memoria-d3dx9_29dll-error-solved/ " however the link from the comment there only redirects me to microsoft website where you would download windows 10. Now I'm back to where I started. Help please. How to resolve this. Thanks in advance.
  5. what's the usual name of the save files in folders. TIA To all those who replied thanks also. GLM4475 - what I got was the old fuwanovel copy btw.
  6. The game was saved in my hard drive, and I usually play it in my old laptop. When I try to open it in my new laptop [windows8.1] this message seems to pop up even after running the recommended settings, and setting system locale to japan. Boot error [x] The game was not properly installed. Please re-install the game. [OK] After trying the game again in my old laptop, it seems to be working fine. Is there anyway I can fix this and play it in my new laptop and keep the save files? Because I really like keeping my favorite scenes/part of the scenes in the save file slot so I can easily view them again after some time. TIA.
  7. My patience is running out from the bullies at school who think they're number 1. They're not bullying me though but the sight pisses me off. Teaching them a lesson using my ways could get me in trouble. This project is one of the reason that I'm a law abiding citizen and never abuse my powers, It doesn't mean that you could do it you should do it. Note: There is no internet connection or any medium that you could use in jail or a detention room to play vn, watch anime or even be updated on the one your waiting for. Let us all be a law abiding citizen everyone )
  8. Thanks for the reply. Looks like I just have to check this topic at least once a month xD
  9. where can we download it when its done? and by estimate when will it be done?
  10. I love them all, except for chinami. Her voice specially the "oni chan onichan oniichan!!" thing SOMETIMES gets on my nerves
  11. $$$$#######!!!!!!!!!!!!TTTTTTTT!!!!!!! Can't wait!! Good luck, best regards. Once it's completed, will there be a link for the torrent at fuwanovel site? sorry for the noobish question and thanks for the reply. Just making sure I mean, it is one of my top priority vn's to read.
  12. Anyone know how to fix the cg of kagetsu tohya? it appears that 2 pics have been mixed up. specifically the can anyone help? I deeply appreciate it because this is one of my favorite vn and having an error somehow ruins it. I just hope that this is the only cg that got mixed up.
  13. Try playing it, you won't regret it. I actually can't sleep because I can't get over the feeling of one of the ending ) If some were to spoil it to you, you might go berserk like my display pict.
  14. Mare has a more "mascot" image (or something like that) than chinami if you ask me.
  15. how about how to fix the wrong pict in kagetsu tohya? I've finished the game once, but when I try to unlock more and goes to the H scene of len, [well this is embarrassing] the 1st 3 of the graphics are all mixed up, even in galleries, if you click the thumbnail, the other picture shows up. Thanks in advance
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