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  1. Honestly a bit surprised that I remembered my display name for this site since it has been so long since I actually logged in. Just thought I would say keep up the good work. Don't know that much about this kinda stuff so I respect anyone who makes an attempt.
  2. I really can't say what route is the worst but if I had to field a contender I would say Karin's route in To Heart 2. Any potential sweet moment or anything like that was reduced into nothing thanks to her playing the blackmail card. Repeatedly. And tricking someone to join your club when they help you (even if the story handwaves this as a common occurrence) and blackmailing someone due to an accident into stay in your club is simply wrong. Other contenders consist of most of the routes in Tick! Tack! are pretty bad mostly because they are based around the concept of "Alright how can we screw up Nerine and how can we screw up her relationship with Rin?" And there are probably other routes that I think are terrible but I can't think of right now, I will say off the top of my head that I didn't like Nemu's route in Da Capo or Kiri's route in Canvas.The former because it makes me believe the MC and Sakura are idiots and the latter due to how flat and predictable it was. Mare's route is also there but I just think that due to the common reason of it being wasted potential but overall I didn't have too many problems with it.
  3. I would say more along the lines of supersonic if one takes into account the amount of projects that get dropped as well. It is impressive really. Keep up the good work.
  4. Unless we want the mods to come in again. Now to make this post relevant how has progress been?
  5. Mare-y Christmas to you too. Though I am currently celebrating Hanukkah with my fiance's family.
  6. Well Kanako and Hotaru does in "If My Heart Had Wings Flight Diary" But that is a fandisk. Though for If my Heart had Wings I would want a Akari route or a Hotaru route in the main game.
  7. What they all said. Best of luck with all of this. Quality over quantity and all that.
  8. Chinami was pretty annoying but I don't think her route was that bad, could have gone with a better epilogue I think. But I am rather looking forward to this as well. Yume's route needs a sequel because in all honesty I think it rushed to the ending a little (or a lot). Mare needs a sequel because it is Mare we are talking about here. Though at the end of the day Isuzu is still my waifu, there is just something about her route that I love.
  9. Excellent. I don't mind if it is in a couple years either. Release dates are for those who don't care about the quality of a product.
  10. Ah thanks for the information. Now the essential question: which one to start with? In all seriousness it would be hard to pick the first one.
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