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  1. If you guys want to knows more development details / support my FanTL Revolution Head to my Blog Happy 2021 ^^ And have a 2nd teaser about sequel Suzukuri Karin-chan 2 Editing 30% o/ Recently I've received a lot of emails of fans that wants to help me on my project . There are even people that's studying in Japan as native English speaker as well and I'm very appreciate that o/ .But right now I need JP translator role the most so once again thanks 4 yours enthusiasm ^^/ I will answer you guys questions about my FanTL Revolution as a Happy New Year 2021 post \o/ 1/My full project will be a paid patch model/but the UI+Prologue will be of course free with many Bugs fixes/ improvements about Bonuses, fonts, UI when comparing with JP version/Russian patch-because Softhouse Chara is bankrupted already so there will be no more patch from JP dev team themself (but hey apparently the sequel Suzukuri Karin chan 2 is confirmed in production^^ So there's hope atleast !).You guys can scroll up to read those changes of my patch 2/I am still playtesting and TL the UI part of the game as well as the prologue (because you will need consistency while TL a game UI and not just translate a bunch of texts then slap them into UI editing through Photoshop ,and let's not forget the bugs-due to this game is a product made during financial hardship's time of Softhouse Chara before it finally bankrupt in late 2020, while developing this FanTL patch I've encountered many bugs,typos . These have shown clearly that this is a rushed game (yet surprisingly with good gameplay and visuals - unlike that Dohna Dohna from Alicesoft with beatiful art but bad gameplay- oh the irony ^^) 3/The main reason why Shin Koihime Musou FanTL (prequel of Suzukuri Karin chan) went on for >6 years now and still incompleted (I can learn JP enough to finish reading that game with VNR already -why are we still here ?) is because from my POV the leader splitted the work for too many people + real life problems /no funding >>> they quitted the project since there's no practical support or real motivation to continue working for free (let's be honest here , when FanTLtors stomach is empty>> they will drop it and don't want people keep urging sth for free like "Where is my patch ?" >Or the most positive case that can happen is that he/she still making the Fanpatch but like 6 to 10 years of waitting for us (could be more >.<').Scroll down the Translation Projects on Fuwa to see for yourself how many dead FanTLs-it's sad like the fate of talented Softhouse Chara In my country,the paid model for FanTLtors is going very well.Fans gets what they want early and TLtors can have enough donations to continue working .A win-win in general. Including games/mangas/lightnovels/fan-sub anime.... Fan TL in my country is not law breaking or violations ,if anything it brings in more fans and money for publishers/developers You guys can check out an example site here, you can even hire FanTL group to translate your favourite manga o/ Fei from Suzukuri Dragon ,wearing Shishun costume from Suzukuri Karin-chan (this game is the original idea for making Suzukuri Karin-chan,also another very good game from Softhouse Chara.But the UI is sooo oooold already,that's why I decided to make a patch for Karin-chan instead - the gameplay of Dragon is better though because it's Softhouse Chara "before bankruptcy"
  2. Suzukuri Karin-chan Sequel in Production Confirmed ! (Suzukuri Karin-chan 2 : Battle with Angels ?? :D) Basically in this teaser ,i saw Kan'u in angel form and Karin said with her Demon King power, she won't afraid any enemies even if they're coming from the sky. Well that's great news for me as a FanTLtor Revolutionist, the more reason for me to continue then o/ Unless they're developing this sequel without the core dev members of Softhouse Chara Team ..... Let's see if this sequel is sheisse or gut
  3. Still playtesting ,but recently when digging around with modding i've found a underrated Strategy visual novel .Same 3 Kingdom era setting like Koihime series - but much better gameplay (Sengoku Rance but with voice-acting yay ^..^/ Princesses of the 3 Kingdom : Turbulent Time, The plan of Split the world into 3 part - Renewal Edition This is remastered version of the game btw
  4. When everyone else are playing new Rance01+02, wasting time shitposting on Discord .... 1 FanTLtor has sacrificed his own free time for the FanTltors Revolution ! Translating UI and Editing : 20%
  6. While Playtesting character's events relating to Gameplay UI, and raises the FanTLtors Revolution \o/ ..... I had found out many UI bugs and fixed them-they are not important anyway (already TLted above them) , there are some texts i can TL , but there are some i can't , because it will cause bugs for Traps-Facilities For example the Trap room at Maze entrance is Electromagnetic Barricade (shock trap for short_) You can see it's bugged and not working if I translate it's name If i leave this text untranslated >> You can see the Non-Bugged version of this Trap (not empty,there are high voltage electric poles inside the room) Confirmed from JP version too , maybe it's dev team bug because i can TL others traps just fine Repeating this playtest process >10 times everyday , and you will understand my FanTLtors Revolution \o/ For the betterment of FanTL-kind everywhere ! We need food \o/ (p/s: some comrades on Discord can't understand my FanTLtors Revolution's Greatness lol, only a few still had some humor lefts ^^ .But i'm sure these comrades will join overtimes - History proved that the Revolutions can't be stop ! And she's mine ! Hands off her you monsters - I know you guys are my Revolution comrades,but.. Just shoo !)
  7. Some Combat Log and Dual Language pop up menu description while hovering mouse over Buttons in-game (after having fun messing with game engine to adjust strings ^^) P/s: Unit Description in-battle 100% Game Setting/Config Description 100%
  8. Context : A Demon King hosted a "Praise Demonking Contest" (following the advice from her Advisor) ,in order to make her's subordinates (especially one girl name Keifa) don't admiring and prasing her too much all the time .Demon King is the judge of this contest too DemonKing (DK short) 「ねぇこれ、事態が悪化しているのではなくて?」 Hey,isn't this situation now getting worse than before ? (i think her's subordinates are now prasing her even more than before she hosting this contest) Advisor: 「賛美コンテストで、駄目だしを連発すれば問題ないのです」>> In a praise contest, if you keep criticize their praises then there would be no problem at all . DK:「みんな、一生懸命考えてくるのでしょう?それを私の一存で駄目だと言うのは どうなのかしら……」 >>If i did that, then everyone would worry and think very hard about my criticism right ? What are they supposed to do with my personal opinion-that said "Your praise is still not good enough"? Advisor:「では、最後に流れを変えてしまえばいいのですよ」 >>If that's the case, then we just need to change the contest flow at the end and it will be alright ma'am. DK:「どういうことかしら?」>>What do you mean by that ? Advisor:「最後に賛美な言葉を普段は抑えるように言うのはどうでしょうか? ケイファちゃんにも抑えるよう注意できますし、コンテストも成功かと」 >>How about telling them to hold back/restrains their usual compliments for you at the end of the contest ? By doing that,we can also calming down Keifa-chan ,and i think the contest will be successful too. I want someone to tell me is there anything wrong with my JP understanding in this context ?
  9. do you want to join my team ? Currently i'm working with Gust (he made many UI patch and the most well know is his Bunny Black 3 patch UI . I really need someone TL or QC or whatever role you can spends time on
  10. Translation progress: Prologue: 100% Help Menu in-game (Play Manual/Gameplay Tips-which RUS UI patch don't have) : 100% Image translation + editing: 5% Unit Skill translation 100%
  11. Short answer : they can't do shit, because their "products" are "sensitive material" already If you just trying to translate for yourself ,then it will be A Ok Just read my thread , maybe you can gain some experiences on VN Translation , there are lots of nice people from all around the world helped me ( aside from a few asshole-greedy-just-want-all- of- the-money)
  12. you should post on VNDB ,i had the same problem like yours while translating ,and a Russian hacker helped me with that .
  13. How do you guys translate this , i want some corrections if i was wrong The MC speaks about a book "The Adventure of Luda" >> I think the author had a reference to Lord of the Ring /The Hobbit movies ? 村出身の平凡な冒険者が、頑張って立身出世していく冒険活劇物語だ It's an adventurous story about an ordinary adventurer from a village who works hard to get ahead /success in his career. ショートストーリー集になっていて、読みやすい。 A collection of short stories that are easy to read. This is the hard part which i need your advices ただ、本業の冒険者からすれば、 世の中舐めるんじゃないと大きな声で怒るご都合主義な内容。 However, if you reading it from the POV of adventurers The content of the book is about "Opportunism",speaking in a loud and angry voice/tone with the reader to tell them "Don't be a leech(weeb ? lol) to society ( or Don't be a boot-licker ?) After that ,MC said "However ,this book is immensely popular within a portion of the young adventurers .I'm one of those people too"
  14. Yeah if you can also remove character limit/ make my ENG text font like your Russian Skill name in this Skill Description box and send me your modded files , that would be good for the eyes of readers too Because the default JP font is too small ! Here is my English obj.vfs so you can mod it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1asYQocQmqEmZ93p3o4qhIIo_IL4XfuFc/view?usp=sharing Another problem , do you know how to fix sometimes there are missing Character Avatar sprites like this? Normally the character sprite should display on Log screen /Leftside of Dialogue box Fu avatar missing >>Leaving only her .agf image file name Anyway you should use Discord to chat faster with me ,add me @Pika_Terminator .We can drop and share files /images faster on Discord than using Fuwaforum
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