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  1. Translation progress: Prologue: 100% Help Menu in-game (Play Manual/Gameplay Tips-which RUS UI patch don't have) : 100% Image translation + editing: 5% Unit Skill translation 100%
  2. Short answer : they can't do shit, because their "products" are "sensitive material" already If you just trying to translate for yourself ,then it will be A Ok Just read my thread , maybe you can gain some experiences on VN Translation , there are lots of nice people from all around the world helped me ( aside from a few asshole-greedy-just-want-all- of- the-money)
  3. you should post on VNDB ,i had the same problem like yours while translating ,and a Russian hacker helped me with that .
  4. How do you guys translate this , i want some corrections if i was wrong The MC speaks about a book "The Adventure of Luda" >> I think the author had a reference to Lord of the Ring /The Hobbit movies ? 村出身の平凡な冒険者が、頑張って立身出世していく冒険活劇物語だ It's an adventurous story about an ordinary adventurer from a village who works hard to get ahead /success in his career. ショートストーリー集になっていて、読みやすい。 A collection of short stories that are easy to read. This is the hard part which i need your advices ただ、本業の冒険者からすれば、 世の中舐めるんじゃないと大きな声で怒るご都合主義な内容。 However, if you reading it from the POV of adventurers The content of the book is about "Opportunism",speaking in a loud and angry voice/tone with the reader to tell them "Don't be a leech(weeb ? lol) to society ( or Don't be a boot-licker ?) After that ,MC said "However ,this book is immensely popular within a portion of the young adventurers .I'm one of those people too"
  5. Yeah if you can also remove character limit/ make my ENG text font like your Russian Skill name in this Skill Description box and send me your modded files , that would be good for the eyes of readers too Because the default JP font is too small ! Here is my English obj.vfs so you can mod it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1asYQocQmqEmZ93p3o4qhIIo_IL4XfuFc/view?usp=sharing Another problem , do you know how to fix sometimes there are missing Character Avatar sprites like this? Normally the character sprite should display on Log screen /Leftside of Dialogue box Fu avatar missing >>Leaving only her .agf image file name Anyway you should use Discord to chat faster with me ,add me @Pika_Terminator .We can drop and share files /images faster on Discord than using Fuwaforum
  6. That's not a mistake from me ,i do that because the lines limitation of game engine (max 50 character per line).So i have to to type like that in order to typing more ENG text (in long messages only though) If you can mod the game files and increase character limit per line inside dialogue box to 100 or 120 to fill up the box , i won't have to do that anymore !
  7. First thank you for your Tool archives, well atleast you do know English so if there are any mistakes in Google Trans of your message , i can ask you again ! About Prologue , you can download my betatest prologue to see for yourself . I had translated (almost) every important character's names so i can playtest the game . There is also Helping tips in-game translated into ENG (which your RUS patch didn't have) , so readers even without JP knowledge can play the game with VNR right now If Google translation is not wrong , do you mean why is only "Prologue Button" in Main Menu translated into Eng ? Well the reason is i don't have time ,so i will have to focus on translating "important Interface images" (like gameplay UI- Kazuto room screen...etc) ,and solving coding problems with Softhouse Chara Engine like you said above . I have ZERO experience when it comes to HEX editing or programming , so i will try to follow your advice .If I mess up somehow maybe I will have to asking you to do it for me lol ! If anything unfortunate happens , i will send details for you through your site support email.
  8. Hi, i need people with coding / HEX editing / hacking experiences to solve (many) problems with my English TL Project (Prologue 100% Betatest Patch is out in my Fuwa thread .For testing/fixing bugs purposes only) Basically , i have to use Russian UI patch to solve some problems temporarily (and it works with Prologue translation) .But later on when i edit/translate Gameplay-related Text ( like Skill/building/Character/Unit names ....) i've found out new problems 1/I can't edit/inserting those Gameplay names ,the Russian can do it because they hacked the game files , modified it and add in more .DLL files >> to insert Russian name into hard-coded Aoi engine of SofhouseChara JP dev (if you take a look into RUS InterfacePatch , you can see those modded extra files like rumod.DLL for example) 2/If i'm trying to overwrite my obj.vfs (contains Gameplay-Names) into RUS UI Patched game >>> the game would crash at somepoint no matter what i do . I guess my English translated names are conflicting with RUS names , because when i copy my obj.vfs into Original unpatch JP game ,they displayed normally and not clumping up together/very hard to read like in RUS UI Patched game With RUS UI Patch -Gameplay Text like this JP Original Game-without RUS patch .Gameplay-Text look normal and easy to read like this 3/Prologue text and Dialogue text would become too large and can't fit in message box in-game ,if you are not using RUS Interface Patch (as my temporary fix ) But if using RUS patch ,i can't translate /insert texts relating to gameplay ,like those listed above inside obj.vfs (due to crashing/text hard to read or clumping up together/RUS modded files conflicts with my ENG text) @Gust (Leader of Bunnyblack3 UI Patch TL Project) and @tester( a Russian hacker on VNDB) gave me an advice that i would need a person who have time and hacking/coding skills to mod/creat game files like RUS Team did.These text has been encrypted/ hard-coded into game files,and i need to edits these texts in order to complete UI Patch!! So if anyone can help me /participate on myPJ in anyways,contact me on Fuwaforum or my FB /Discord .Thanks in advances ! (add me on Discord @Pika_Terminator)
  9. Prologue is now 100%Translating UI and Editing : 3% P/s: released Betatest Prologue patch (for testing only) .Asking for help with engine /coding problems..... .
  10. hi, currently i'm translating UI for a game 迷宮充実度 is this "Maze Completion/Completeness" ? or "Maze Wealthiness" ?
  11. Don't doubt youself Just Fking Do it ! Don't let it be just a Dream ! https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/23106-suzukuri-karin-chan-last-game-of-bunny-black-dev-team-eng-translation-project/ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=135039378071879&set=pcb.135040544738429&type=3&theater
  12. So i have extracted a bunch of AGF and BMP images, but the BMP file is now "flipped vertically" like you said , and there are 1000 images like that . Not to mention i've rename them manually from "myfile.bmp" to "myfile.agf.bmp" to convert @@ if i'm follow your way using that vfstools -- To extract BMP images ,can i use GARBro instead ? P/s : @darksshades after i follow your method using vfstool , try to edit one game button image pack it back in .vfs file, the game" recognized" that .agf image and not oppoing up any error message like before. But the button in-game still blank. P/s: SOLVED through Discord, THanks man!
  13. i'm using GARBro on github to extract .vfs game file into BMP is that ok ? Because when i using your vfstool ,it extract "reversed images and mirrored" ,i can't even read mirrored icon not to mention edit them I think they use new engine because i saw Aoi5.dll , meanwhile BunnyBlack and other old games of SofthouseChara have Aoi4.dll. Unfortunately i'm editing PNG images , can i use photoshop to save /convert them to BMP ? P/s: SOLVED by @darksshades (aka @Gustjc) through Discord, thanks man! Here is his vfstools.zip incase anyone need and the method https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LKdY6daaV4d57RI9d4sUvH8APa-m8RXm/view?usp=sharing
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