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  1. (I hope this is the correct forum to put this in. Also, please don't mind my atrocious spelling of the names of characters, I'm terrible at remembering them.) I bought and played Spirit Hunter NG, because I liked the original Death Mark game. At first I breezed through with the bad ending, which was fantastic, and then I replayed for the Normal ending (nice) and the rather lacklustre Golden End. Along the way, my wires appear to have been crossed, so I'm seeking help clarifying whether I'm right/wrong on this. So here's my understanding of the story;
  2. Just finished How to Date a Magical Girl. The two plot twists were fairly obvious, though I didn't get the exact nature of the second twist down to a T. I thought the nature of the second plot twist led to the whole story being somewhat pointless as everything got hand waved away, nothing really mattered and none of the interesting plot hooks ever got resolved. Also, the life attribute levelling nonsense really dragged out what was clearly a short novel spread fairly thin thanks to the stat padding.
  3. I finished two this week; Euphoria Synergia Not sure what I'll read next tbh. Hopefully something that clicks and gets me some happy fuzzy feelings.
  4. Reddit mostly. When it's not raging about politics in my country's subreddits, it is raging about games on gaming subs apparently. I have a gander over on the Visual Novel sub sometimes, but it seldom seems to have much going for it thesedays.
  5. Finished it tonight, all endings, all CG's, all music, all everything except TIPS and the Xtend scenes. I tried some of the Xtend scenes and some of them rehash old information, but it doesn't register as already read for the skip function... I cba going through all of these. What a fun novel though, translation issues aside my only complaints were B route's parapsychology techno-babble being very boring and D route taking forever and a day for the main cast to realise N's identity, even though it is so obvious from ten thousand chapters prior... So that part dragged painful
  6. Fairly open I guess? If I can be open to Japanese protagonists why wouldn't I be open to black protagonists mind?
  7. Things that make me drop a VN... Horny protagonists. Excessively horny protagonists. I've dropped one where the story started off pretty neat, and I was getting into it and then whilst he was level-headed and reasonably mature in the main plot, anytime we went into a side story he would just turn into this idiot "MY DICK IS SUPER ENGORGED! LETS PENETRATE SOME LADIES!" *nosebleed* Not quite that bad, but you get the gist of it. I couldn't really put up with the disconnect from the somewhat interesting main plot to him being this absolute moron ruled by his bollocks
  8. I've finished A, B and C routes for Root Double as of this evening. Onto the D route at the moment. I really enjoy the mystery elements of A route, and the slice of life of B route - though, the exposition dumps became an absolute snooze fest for me, I quite frankly switched off with the lectures on parapsychology and all the gibberish words they were spewing. (The blind spot test was a treat though.) I wonder if anyone feels the same way I do about the translation? It really grates on me at the moment, there are two horrific Americanisms in the translation which are ge
  9. Just started up Koihime Musou, which I picked up with the Easter Egg code sale on Mangagamer. A 'timeslip' sends the protagonist into the Three Kingdoms era where all the famous generals are now women. Whey! I like it so far, only two minor issues; I'm not sure I fully understand the battle system, the tutorial was fairly sparse about it. Am I supposed to go defensive when the enemy uses an attacking formation and vice versa? It's what I've been doing in any case, but I might be misunderstanding some finer point to the system? I'm not that far in yet though; but
  10. Finished Chuuostu! First Graduation Time after Time today;
  11. Ah, that's a shame. I'll just make do with the PC copy for now.
  12. I just finished up two of the Fruitbat giveaway VN's; Magical Eyes - Red is for Anguish. I liked it, but it felt unfinished and undercooked. Miniature Garden Started off okay, but faltered big time as it went along. Felt like they tried to be too clever and couldn't pull the story together in the end. I also didn't really like the translation, or perhaps it was just the dialogue full stop. On the bright side, at least it was a short one. Not sure which order I'll read the other three titles they gave away; I'm probably going to go The Graduation -
  13. I'm playing Magical Eyes - Red is for Anguish. Bit of a wonky start, and I think the translation/writing is over-done at times, but it's enjoyable thus far. Is it bad translation if a scene is like: "Exposition/description that makes sense followed by stupidly obvious 'in other words'; 'summing up of exactly what was just said'" ? Surely, good writing would make sense in the first description and wouldn't feel the need to treat the reader like an idiot with a follow up tl:dr. Well, whatever the case I quite like it, I'm at the part where the two kids were introduced
  14. If you only get one, get Fata Morgana. Tokyo Babel felt like it was suffering an identity crisis, the way it flip-flopped from comedy to serious fantasy at times. It just didn't work for me.
  15. I always thought it was in that grey area anyway depending on where you are for age of consent. Like, for example, even if it was just 'high school' (or college for the UK, ergo ages 15-19), in the UK the age of consent is 16, so characters being around that age getting into relationships and sexual exploration isn't exactly that far-fetched, and I don't think it is something as horrific as some cultures make it out to be. Then again, I don't really like reading stuff where some of the romancable characters are clearly at the age of 10-13 or younger, and no, the whole 'it's a vampire, the
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