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  1. I tried to make Hook Codes at least couple times with the tutorial, but never succeeded. Fortunately, hook databases had all the hooks I ever needed. Agth thread at old hongfire couple times also helped me with .bat files to make phrases be drawn in correct order for games like Kizuato and Shizuku. If I can't find proper text thread, I just use Cheat Engine + HookAnyText. It does not require any hooks, you basically just find and select memory piece where required text refreshes, and it works for at least for couple hours before Java hangs it all.

  2. Definitely did not try anything with tyrano script. Can only say that a lot of engines were added to Textractor in later versions. The most trouble I had were Java games like Tsui no Sora that perfectly attached to ITHVNR though. For the toughest nuts to crack I apply Cheat Engine + HookAnyText, works like a charm, but can't be used on general basis due to the fact that HAT works on Java and freezes every couple hours.

  3. Basically, machine translators are Google and Bing. As for the tools, they differ mostly by support of Google/Bing/Dictionaries. Pretty much every mentioned program extracts text threads well or supports hook addition. It's good that there is choice. Older OS only support older tools while weak netbooks are limited with less resource-dependent tools. I recommend Textractor just because it's a single tool for everything and I don't want to explain nuances to everyone when I can just say "Textractor" and maybe give a link to the guide.

  4. Cheat Engine + HAT ("Hook Any Text" script published at github) worked great for me. As for emulator, it does not really matter, I tested it on all the popular PS1 emulators of different versions with the same success. I prefer using emulator xebra because it's the most precise one managing to launch everything while popular emulators failed to launch some 20% of visual novels. There are cases when there is no renewable thread, just a wall of text. At rare cases no threads are found at all. I experienced some 2/3 of success cases.

  5. 8 hours ago, Oxygen said:

    Have you heard of Solaris? My very loose criteria for classics is: timeless, innovative/evocative, genre transcending/defining and multi-layered. You can pick it up over and over again and still get something more out of it. It's not gimmicky and reliant on crutches or pandering. To me at least, Lord of The Rings is classic, Game of Thrones is not. Farenheit 451 is classic, Divergent is not. 

    There are very few games corresponding this criteria. Most of them are one time thing. Here are the ones I can return to over the years discovering new layer of depth each time:

    DESIRE - Haitoku no Rasen

    Eve: Burst Error

    Kuro no Danshou: The Literary Fragment

    Es no Houteishiki

    Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO

    Canaan ~Yakusoku no Chi~

    EVE: The Lost One

    luv wave

    One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~

    Kazeoto, Chirin

    EVE Zero


    Eve: The Fatal Attraction 

    Kusarihime ~Euthanasia~



  6. 22 hours ago, Kiriririri said:

    It is all on the site readable just fine but I guess complex puzzlers just can't read it...

    Why are you trying to make a fool of yourself so diligently? Try finding https://vndb.org/v433 , smartass. That's just ONE example, but how would you know, you're just a regular troll who can't do anything worthwhile.

  7. I'm not the target audience since I'm moving in a too crazy tempo with reading atm to dissect separate sentences, but I really cherish for this undertaking. I already see increased interest towards untranslated visual novels thanks to videos like this one.

  8. I like necroposting here. It's not rare that some irrelevant post from 2012 or so gets a new life.

    There actually used to be chat here, and it only had to go after some recent Fuwapocalypse initiated by mandatory php upgrade. If Tay is poked long enough, reestablishing it might be possible.

  9. Reddit drives me mad as it's not individualistic enough. Flairs are repeatable, and posts have to get lost in megathreads. New topics get buried in news and useless steam sales in just one day. It all reminds a busy anthill.

    Fuwa is for punks of visual novels. We hardly ever agree on anything, and just as punks, we're not dead despite our golden days long gone.

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