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  1. Yup thats definitely the mindset you should be carrying when playing Nukiges.
  2. Well, its all a matter of preferences ^^ Played Hoshizora no Memoria, If my heart had wings and Little busters except period. Hmm I do like them, Little Busters was definitely great Cause Key XD Hoshizora no Memoria was definitely cute and some characters are really lovable. Then there is If my heart had wings, I definitely enjoyed playing but this one didn't really standout to me compared to the Hoshizora or Little Busters. Okarin I would definitely recommend you to read Rewrite by Key ^^
  3. Monmusu Quest Trilogy! this Game/Vn was definitely one of my favorite Nukige RPGs and a lot of mods too! https://vndb.org/v5657 THE MONMUSU CONQUEST!!! I started playing this game back when only part 1 was made, back then I really had not much interest in monster girls (except fox girls). So I played this game purely for the reason boredom and a good fap, not gonna lie. Surprisingly for a Nukige the story was a real good RPG template with a lot of comedy in it, and the story was really alluring *ahem* coupled with a very interesting battle system and at one point I believe everyone will develop fetishes for certain few mon-musume. When I finished the first part I was exhilarated to find out that there would part 2. When part 2 came out I was really amazed by the amount of details they added to the skill illustrations and that plot twist!? And oh boy was I happy to find out there will be a part 3 Then there was part 3 damn that was good I almost Jizzed my pants, wait I did... forget what I said. Anyways, at this point of the release I was really amazed how this game made it this far, the adventure was really fun with a template RPG story. And by this point I believe all of us reached a point where you don't mind raped in certain places or villages LOL. For a nukige this really change my opinion on the gaming nukige vn's in general.( I played "kamidori" and "yumina the ethereal" after this) I wish the author would make a new series soon, can't wait to play another RPG like this! Please do share your experiences playing this game!
  4. Man the conversations here are awesome. Yume Miru Kusuri, would play this shit again and again just for Aeka Shiraki. This novel was definitely one of first few faves I had when I first started reading vns and like most of have said the rest of the routes.... Well.... I would rather not touch on how psychadelic it can become..... On the H-Scenes..... (Aeka's H scenes are awesome though) Not all of them are bad though, Here are my thoughts on the routes: [Aeka's Route] Aeka's route really connected with me cause I was once bullied to as a kid, and her route development was just pure satisfaction, plus the ending was simply sublime and perfect in my books. I liked how the main character depicted how us humans have problems commiting and selflessly move away from our comfort zone for other's sake. But when we have a resolve we also have the ability to see it through. I like how the novel depicted the realism of getting bullied, about how hard it is to ask for help and even if you do it might either turn worst or they disregard you to save their own skin. The novel really drown you in the feeling of realism when you realize not everything will go the way just wanted (this applies to all routes). And the ending really hit home with me, because as you grow older you will realize sometimes you need extreme measures to change a situation. And these situation always come with consequences that will put you in a setback in life, but that can not stop you from keep on improving yourself and working towards the future. [Nekoko's Route] Nekoko on the other well was a real fun roller coaster ride, after the great joy ride you will realize you will have to face reality sooner or later. Which brought a lot of realism to the topic on drugs. Her ending though was beautiful, I find that ending was rather charming and something I would definitely remember along with Aeka's ending. [Mitsuki's Route] Well she really aint much of my type, so my opinions can be biased but nevertheless this route never cease to amaze me in their "outworldly" H scenes next to nekoko. Like how??? I can't really enjoy this route cause it just never connected to me, honestly speaking she was the type of character I would never associate myself too even in IRL. But overall this vn holds a very special place in my heart being one of the most realistic VNs at that time (except the H scenes) coupled with good music and bgm. Defenitely a good read.
  5. Glad to see this is quite the lively community ^^ Well personally I enjoyed G-Senjou no Maou, Sharin no Kuni, Sharin no Kuni Yukyuu shounenshoujo, and A-Profile. They are not without flaw per say but definitely a good read for me nonetheless. Actually I also rather curious there seems to be no on going translations on Akabeisoft 3 VN's, are they just plain Moege's? Or are they story so bland no one bothers translating it? Btw hoping Lavender Shoujo gets done soon really looking forward for another story in the sharin universe. Ahh there is that, kinda hope beast lair would pick it up, like how they always translated other type moon works. Specifically mirror moon translations,but oh well I'm just typemoon fan boy hoping for more VNs instead of the trendy games they are releasing nowadays =="
  6. Definitely an interesting topic, but from what I can see the one killing reputations of vns are mostly those half-baked story novels like the infamous "Sakura series" and the abundance of moege with no actual or substantial plot involved. I won't comment if it was a nukige, but as if its bad enough you can't enjoy the story you can't even fap to it for relieve purposes? Dang what else is it good for? Honestly speaking even nukige's give you a bang for your buck for making stories so ridiculous that you can just laugh it off or say you paid for a good jerk off material. I'd rather read To-Love-Ru Darkness manga, at least the art from Yabuki Kentaro gives off as a better strip tease and the story is just literally makes fun of themselves being plain ridiculous. But I believe the VN community is quite strong, as many of us really enjoy VN as a good reading material to broaden our views or good entertainment. Through so many forums, you can see that most old timers are an eccentric bunch that really only likes specific flavors and have stayed that way in a niche community. Don't think we will change our ways anytime soon, and being so we will attract more people of our kind instead of just the trend followers.
  7. Played it before, enjoyed it very much ^^ Definitely one of those vn that makes you doubt your decisions, but if you stay true to your faith the ending is beautiful
  8. https://awesomecurry.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/boku-no-hitori-sensou-thoughts/ this is the most neutral Review I can find. Hmm I guess, my hype died a little I guess it was just plain bland from the looks of it. Guess it wasn't able to live up to G-Senjou nor Sharin no Kuni. Well wether its good or bad, I would still like to be able to read it at least though. Then give a final opinion. Either way thanks for the reply ^^
  9. Okay thanks for the heads up, glad I don't have to read another bore piece like Koiken Otome =="
  10. Well from the description of vndb " A visual novel written by Looseboy, scenario writer for G-Senjou no Maou and Sharin no Kuni and art done by Alpha.The world that Eiji knew changed completely one calm spring day. The school which he attended was attacked by evil enemies which cannot be seen. The students all took up arms to protect the things which they treasured the most. It was a battle which would not end until there was only one left standing. " It sounded quite interesting, Funerrific may I know your reasoning for calling it trash cause I seriously know nothing of it? Did his writing went haywire? or was the story just bad?
  11. Played most I have to say I completely agree ^^
  12. Hello I'm new here in Fuwanovel ^^ I'm quite an Old Visual Novel player myself, I've played quite a lot of titles, so I believe most of us stumbled across a few novel writers we like. So, I was checking vndb then I realized LooseBoy (The Story Writer for G-Senjou No Maou & Sharin no Kuni) had a novel that was named Boku No Hitori Sensou? I realized no one is translating this piece of work, I was wondering is there anyone is willing to take it up for translation? I personally really love his works and I believe most VN players like me who played his works are dying to play some of his other works? P.S: When the *#@$#$ is Mahou tsukai no Yoru gonna be done transalating?
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