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  1. I'm probably late but....using Windows 8 compatibility mode solves the issue forever. @Hardwon
  2. Maybe try playing it on Windows 7, either dual boot or install in VirtualBox. That solved some issues with other Days VN's for me.
  3. It usually had pretty random message but it ALWAYS started with text glitching out. I already finished the game so...don't care anymore Also I didn't test if it's crashing without the restoration patch.
  4. I'm almost done with the game (I'm at Reina's route). And, well, there was only one scene with band-aids in the common route so it didn't matter that much. The crashing was much more annoying.
  5. Indeed it does not. My report was kinda buried under all that stupid talk about Steam though, gj ppl.
  6. Sure, I could've bought it straight from fakku but I had 40€ on my steam account already so I used that instead and bought the "DLC" 18+ patch from fakku. And there was a steam version of the restoration patch so I thought why not.
  7. Hi, I may have an issue with all these patches. The game works somewhat fine with restoration patch (steam version) and demosaic patch but crashes occasionally (pretty random causes from what I've seen so far) and has band-aids. If I apply the special band-aid removal patch (replace the restoration patch) the game refuses to even start - it says Syntax error (syntax error) . I have steam version with fakku "dlc" 18+ patch.
  8. Nevermind, there is a missing line. He's right. I used "JP patch" btw.
  9. @Pabloc Oh I'm just sending whatever I notice when reading through routes to Avi8Tor for now. Also no, good job to you all who worked on the translation. This is much more readable than before
  10. @maltron66 I don't think there's a way to tell whether you have moenovel (EN) or Pulltop (JPN) version, if it's already patched. But yea what you said is basically what you need to do. Well...either that or find clean steam version and install the bigger patch imhhw_retranslation_patch_v1.0.0.56.exe (download the .bin fine with same name in order for that to even work) in the folder with the game.
  11. Yeah, because you thought I was wrong ...also look at the other pictures I posted.
  12. @Avi8TorIt's during the first simulator scene. Amane is explaining what pitching, yawing and rolling is. You can clearly see the first sentence in the picture is supposed to be different since that's the last sentence about pitching. Also because right after that Amane begins talking about yawing....now shhh
  13. Look at the picture again and read the other sentences too... -_-
  14. So, uh. You're trying to install the patch on already once patched version? I don't think that will work. The patch needs either clean Steam version or one of the japanese versions....and you should know which version you have (either it's from steam or you used the original japanese installer). Btw @Pabloc , this might be an issue for some http://store.steampowered.com/news/externalpost/steam_community_announcements/2365952982542831448 it's like moenovel noticed there is a better restoration patch and blocked it by that (damn asses) I also noticed these two small errors https://i
  15. Yea....I completed Kotori's route, then noticed weird translation of Ageha's route and somehow ended up here following how the re-translation is going.
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