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  1. Afaik it will not translate Sweet Love bonus scenes but the last version of the patch required Sweet Love installed anyway.
  2. Since nobody asked for a while....how is the QC & all the other stuff going? @Pabloc
  3. Works perfectly fine on Windows 10 x64. I just had to turn off the "Use Overlay" in Movie Settings section for movies to work.
  4. No it isn't just you, Ageha route translation was very weird so I was like screw this and stopped playing. And that was even while using the patch from メルP, not the cancer that's on steam (the steam guides with restoration patch).
  5. They release the 18+ versions later than all-ages version (like half a year later or more).
  6. I don't think he regularly checks the forums, better tag him. So, what changed since the last month post @Pabloc ?
  7. So how's it going @Pabloc or @メルP ?
  8. So now it's up to @メルP to get it done right? Noice. Can't say how much work was the translating, but good job @Pabloc
  9. I thought there was new info....wasted time on reading useless posts. Noice
  10. Do you think they'll give a flying f*ck about fan translation of a game they already got paid more than they deserved for?
  11. That's great but you two are forgetting about editing, QC-ing and creating patch.
  12. I hate all that restoration patch crap. I managed to make it work but with no sound in cutscenes. I'd rather cut my balls than go though that process again. Also why are people using that old NTLEA when there's Locale Emulator?
  13. Well this is all good info about the whole bundle pack thing, but did that translation patch work on it in the end @makina76 ? Also how's the progress going @Pabloc ?
  14. Yeah I did search for info about it but I didn't learn anything from vndb or anywhere else. Maybe try using the current patch on it @makina76 - http://meruppi.blogspot.com/2013/07/english-translation-patch-10.html (you need to have both the base game and sweet love installed for it to work)
  15. I'd say that's fandisk called Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete Flight Diary so no. Not sure what the "Original Work Bundled Pack" means though.