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  1. Thanks for the info, it is the first method that i try to fix the error but too bad it is not working for my pc.
  2. I just find the way to fix the force close after you finishing two or more heroine route bug on the game. First try to open the game, even if it keep FC it will open and running eventually. After the game open and running put it on window mode, after that push ctrl+alt+del button and choose cancel. You'll find extra menu on the top of the game page. Choose screen setting and set it according to your pc screen resolution (mine are 1920 x 1080), close the game and done. I can open the game just fine without FC anymore
  3. Yeah, it just that i didn't find any information about this bug from any site that discussing this game so i thought maybe the problem was the game not compatible with my pc or something.
  4. True, the only solution so far is to deleting the game data which means losing all of the in game progress Already trying that, start again from the begining and the bug appear again after i finishing Ayame and Chiho's route.
  5. I've ecounter some bug on the game which after finishing Ayame and Chihiro's routes (got all CG for both heroine), the game force close when i'm trying to open it and need 2 to 6 times trying before the game can be open and played. I've un-install and re-install the game but the same problem still occured. Has anyone have the same problem? I've try to browse the net and still can't find any news about it.
  6. I doubt it will happen, the original Maitetsu that has been sold by Fakku is a big disappointment because they censored a lot of the game content (which on the Japan version was allowed) and many of Fakku's costumers refunded the game because of that. Heliosaurus 18+restoration patch is the reason for many people to keep the game they bought and with addition of the demosaic patch and many more of fan made mods may lead to the increasing of the game purchases. I didn't see the reason why the devs and publishers would think that the fan made mods (which is optional whether you want to use it or not) would be a problem while it may increasing their product sales.
  7. @HoplessHiro The 18+(with mosaic) ver. of Nekopara series are available at Denpasoft, the one on Steam are the all ages one. It is a same case as Maitetsu 18+ ver are available at Fakku and Steam has the all age one. So i think the limitation to edit the Steam file problem wouldn't be exist for the game that bought from Denpasoft.
  8. Agree with Nekopara series for the next demosaic project , plus the game has a similar game play like Maitetsu
  9. @HoplessHiro: i wonder if it is possible to find out which parts of the game data that Denpasoft changes for the error fix so we can just copy that data to the old game for the fix to apply. Fakku should have just creating an update patch for the fix rather than telling their costumers to re-download the whole game for the minor fix Love your works as always, keep it up
  10. Well, that's what i think too. But since today update have a smaller size than the last one, i thought that the new update didn't containing the old one. So better ask than sorry i guess.
  11. Can anyone please post the download link for the 4th scene, i'm kinda late to following this forum and can't find the downlad link here. Thanks in advance : ) And thanks to HoplessHiro for the great job, keep it up
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