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  1. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    :v :v :v As the spanish translator of majikoi, I need to post these images :v (I'm not related with the english group and diego)
  2. In the script, Sou was comparing Airi's pussy with meat. He said clearly "Niku" 「いや、パンツじゃなくてな。  俺はその内側に閉じ込められた肉をだな――」 肉 = niku = meat Previously he said: ...Hm? Oh, wait! The term "meat" is not quite right. ;;――ん? おっ、いいな! ;;『肉』という表現はなかなか悪くない。 #Page-Id: 9 Although the texture is similar. I feel that you can express like as such. ;;具体的でありながら、大切な質感を上手いこと ;;物体として表現出来ている気がする。 #Page-Id: 10 For example... those wrinkles, They're almost like the meat. ;;たとえ……このシワが、 ;;あの肉を緻密になぞってなくてもだ。 But if you are still not conviced, recently, I have a new translator that would be substituting me
  3. Translators are needed urgently
  4. Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube (http://t.co/EiJOz0hesi - Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu. SOUNDTRACK "Re:Call" / Haruka

  5. Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo Intro Español: http://t.co/fefVbRfo3X vía @YouTube

  6. My holidays begin :3 I hope to finish in this month about 1000+ lines
  7. Grisaia no Kajitsu Novela prueba español: http://t.co/YTWsFX8IeH vía @YouTube

  8. I'll only put as much 3 translators because I'm thinking of doing just hack. The scenario is divided by routes. something like this http://puu.sh/doISZ/efd0a8ee00.png
  9. Kaori 300/8519 Airi 2757/7236 Nagisa 0/7356 Yui 0/8834 Others 0/3839 Total 3057/35416 8.36%
  10. G Senjou no Maou - Prueba español: http://t.co/mM8nc3Uvqn vía @YouTube

  11. Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube (http://t.co/1hbIXeC5Tv - 雪のエルフィンリート (Yuki no Elfinlied) - Yuuki (CV:

  12. Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete

    scenario uploaded