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  1. Solved with the japanese language pack for some reason didnt save the first time i changed it.
  2. Im trying to install the original version of the game but Im getting this random error all the time. Some1 could guide me on how to solve it ? Thank you
  3. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    How is going guys still working hard ? Thanks for your work!
  4. Fortune Arterial Translation project

    Is this still going? If so keep it up I would like to read Erikas route
  5. How many routes are in this game ? Im very excited to read this vn sadly got no time till next weekend ;_;
  6. [Spoiler] Help with Grisaia no Kajitsu

    Thanks both I was praying for a route ;-;
  7. Its there a kazuki route in any of the 3 games?
  8. Akatsuki no Goei Trinity Edition [Recruiting]

    Damn I wanted to play this vn
  9. Hard romance eroges help:3

    Doesnt have a full tl no?
  10. Hard romance eroges help:3

    Well the routes are romance is the part im focusing on
  11. Hard romance eroges help:3

    Nop my bad for not explaining properly XD thanks Yup that kinda makes me not enjoy the story
  12. Hard romance eroges help:3

    I actually mean no drama in the ending I dont care id there is drama in middle that gets solved
  13. Hard romance eroges help:3

    Ah yeah I have to do that with some vns but for now im interested on playing the " best " XD still kinda new on VNs On my list already and look very good ty vm From 1-10?