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  1. Slowpoke

    Double life

    Im pretty sure its like 70% complete and its a long VN so it may be more translated than you think. And if littleshogun said its just unedited it could be fully translated just not cleaned up??? You could try it out nonetheless.
  2. Slowpoke

    Double life

    I was gonna suggest Noble Works. Its not really double life I guess but he is pretending to be someone else??/ But its really SoL/School I think
  3. He's not that big of a jerk imo. Just pervy I guess. Its starting to get more interesting even though im still on route 1/ week 1.
  4. I mean the boring part could be that it seems like a generic VN at first lol BUT I know its not, I just gotta stick wid it. I like Taichi at least, he's funny to me lol
  5. Started Cross Channel. Starting off kinda slow and boring imo. Hoping it picks up. I here there is some twist or something. It cant all be some pervert trying to get into his classmates pants.
  6. I plan to read Cartagra next! I was gonna read Little Busters but Im in the mood for Cartagra. But yeah, Toko was just weird. Honestly, there is nothing charming about a girl following you on several occasions and joking about rape constantly.
  7. WOW. I dont have bad taste and AHEM I am a woman. Also, I just think Toko was sorta...typical. I dunno. Seemed too Mary Sue to me. I just like characters like more.
  8. I tried to make it as vague as possible haha Toko is just the main character and I dont really care for her too much. ON A SIDE NOTE, I got an ending but its not the true ending but im to lazy to replay this and shit. Man. So Im kinda skipping most of the dialogue thats a repeat and reading after I get the new dialogue and stuff. ah well Question about an ending??
  9. Im like on April 5th. MAN SHE WAS THE ONLY CHARACTER I LIKED. FUCK THIS TOKO. I DONT EVEN LIKE HER. I JUST WANT TO SEE WHO IS KILLING SHIT DAMN FUCK >_> I plan to complete it. I just cant stand to see my girl like that. I cried. i am crying again now FUCK. I hate having ovaries ;o; edit: this game is still good but fuck man even my favorite cahracter in Game of Thrones is still alive WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  11. But do you like it? lol I have it downloaded. Just need to play it.
  12. Im really enjoying Kara no Shoujo. Its holding my interest which a lot of VNs dont. I like that the storyline doesnt really change, you just see h-scenes with the girl you like. And then you can go to the true end after. Man this is good.
  13. I remember trying to play it in my living room and that was a terrible idea :'D Not only gore and weird shit, but uhh sexy stuff with a child? Yeah no loool
  14. Bout to start Kara no Shoujo!
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