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  1. Sorairo

    Probably there is none, I don't know for sure, as I didn't play through the game, just skipped through some parts when trying to study Japanese. It's probably just an indication that it happens a generation later than Lamune.
  2. Sorairo

    I'm not sure about it, but I read discussions where people said there are strong hints Tsubame's parents are in fact Kenji and Nanami from Lamune: the surname is Tomosaka, the father is a motorbike fan, the mother looks just like Nanami including the toy fishes for her hair, and her restaurant is called "Konoe's" (Nanami's surname is Konoe).
  3. Detective anime series

    Do you like detective/mystery series, like Detective Conan, Kindaichi shounen no Jikenbo, Tantei Gakuen Q, Karakurizoshi Ayatsuri Sakon etc? I am especially a fan of Kindaichi, as it has longer plots, usually 4 episodes each, leaving room for more character development and plot twists. By the way, I noticed that in Japanese detective fiction the murderers at the end are often portrayed a little sympathetically, at least compared to the victims who are usually complete scumbags. It's somehow strange, imo, that only a few of the cases in such anime contain really "evil" guilty parties without scruples, unlike for example in Western classic detective fiction, like Agatha Christie or John Dickson Carr, where the murderers are usually really deserving of the term "bad guys". What do you think, why do Japanese authors prefer sympathetic murderers and "evil" victims?
  4. Osananajimi/childhood friend stories in visual novels

    Has anyone played Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai? I became curious after reading it has more complete stories that usual visual novels (has a wedding, family life etc), while most games finish when the characters are still in school or university. I read in reviews and comments the osananajimi (Marika) route is especially well done. Hopefully somebody will eventually translate the game.
  5. Sorairo

    Is there any translation project still alive for this sequel of Lamune? There was one, but it hasn't been updated since 2011. It would be so interesting especially to play Tsubame's route in English. If I got it right,
  6. Osananajimi/childhood friend stories in visual novels

    I agree with all of you about the tsunderes: it's weird to be abusive towards somebody they love. Deredere is in fact better, a pity they often are too much loli-looking, that really makes me feel uncomfortable to make the character romance her. One of my favorite osananajimis is Tamaki from "To Heart 2".
  7. Visual novels with osananajimi romances and weddings

    Yes, but it's the true route which isn't the osananajimi one. I mean, the wedding and/or family IN the osananajimi route.
  8. Could somebody please suggest some visual novels that include an osananajimi route which actually has a "definitive" ending, meaning that it actually shows a wedding or a family at the end? Something like "Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai" or "Sorairo". I know, on vndb.org there is an option to select games that include weddings or childhood friend characters with a "engages in: wedding" tag, but maybe some games aren't yet classified and marked as belonging to the category, could you please suggest some? I am interested because at the same time osananajimi routes are my favorite and many of the endings in visual novels are sort of cliff-hangers, when the characters are still at school and therefore there isn't a 100% guarantee they will stay together as adults (or maybe it's just me with pessimistic views, I don't know )
  9. Just being curious: does anybody else prefer osananajimi stories over others in visual novel romances? I find it extremely cute when two children form a bond that continues through adulthood, childhood is the most innocent period in people's lives, I almost always choose the osananajimi character route in these games, unless they look too much like lolis. Such stories are the main reason I became interested in Japanese visual novels.
  10. Hi everyone, I am new here. I am very interested in Japanese visual novels, especially with well-written osananajimi/childhood friend routes. I am curious about the "Tokimeki Memorial" series, but they are made for Playstation only, therefore rendering useless the text extractor/ translation programs like AGTH+Translation Aggregator, ITH or Visual Novel Reader. Could anybody please tell me if there are any such programs that work with Playstation or its emulators on PC? Since I don't know Japanese, that's the only way for me, even though I am slowly trying to learn it. Thanks in advance.