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  1. Netflix's Daredevil has consumed my life.
  2. I live nowhere near the US, and I thought Alaska was a far-away mystical faerie land like Narnia.
  3. The Dark Knight is probably my favourite of all time. Then there's stuff I can't really rank like Little Manhattan.
  4. She's pretty cute. I like the colours. 8/10
  5. Confession: I did not miss the feeling of getting sick.
  6. I'm not really outspoken or opinionated, but I just got tired of all the so-called "Superman Fans" hating on Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and especially Man of Steel which, in my opinion, elevate his character above what any other adaptation in media outside of comic books have done in his 70+ years of history.
  7. I've been following Lucid9 since the first demo. I'm very excited to play the common route.
  8. It starts with this post and goes into the next page until a mod had to step in.
  9. Confession: I also hate arguing, but sometimes, I can't help it. I had a lengthy argument with some people recently about Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel on another anime-related forum. It's super embarrassing, but if you guys want to see it, I can post it here.
  10. I'm accelerating my brain to maximum thinking about my OELVN Project.
  11. VERY very tough choice...I'd probably pick a different one depending on my mood...it's that close...
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