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  1. Don't give up, Krill! I hope you'll get better soon! Best of wishes, Paragon
  2. Does anyone know how to extract the background music from eden*? The music is in a file called "bgm.paz" I tried using arc_conv, Asmodean's tool, ExtractData and Crass without success
  3. Are there any VNs/Hybrids on the Vita PSN store? (And yes, I've got all the XSEED/NIS America games already)
  4. Shiny Days will get an English release by JAST USA, so I guess you could wait a bit on that one. I actually tried hooking Cross Days and it works with ITH3, so there shoudn't be any problems with it.
  5. お誕生日おめでとうございます、メア!
  6. Hi there! My name's Adam and I'm a big Milky Holmes fan, as it combines japanese media (VN, anime, etc.) and detectives (the Sherlock Holmes novels were basically my childhood ). After finishing TOMH1 for the PSP I have been looking for a translation patch for the second installment. As you probably noticed by me posting a new topic, there is none yet. Therefore, I'd like to propose to create a patch for Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2! As I'm neither knowledgeable in japanese, hacking or anything else besides the English language, I'm only limited to editing and quality control (I kno
  7. The Greater German Empire attacks France.
  8. The Greater German Empire attacks Serbia. For the Kaiser!!
  9. Sure. Then I shall not do anymore for today.
  10. So basically my and Austria's turns for today are over, right?
  11. Let's see some roleplaying from my side, once in a while. Berlin, August 1914 Soldier: The Austrio-Hungarian Empire agreed upon our conditions, Herr General. General Paragon: I see. Inform his Majesty about this. Soldier: Yes, as you wish, Herr General. One hour later. Soldier: Dear Kaiser, the General has sent me to inform you, that Austria-Hungary has agreed upon our conditions. The Kaiser: It seems we have a good day. Friedrich! Friedrich: Yes, my Lord? The Kaiser: I have to make an announcement to my people. Prepare everything. Radio, newspapers et ceter
  12. The German Reich attacks France with it's full force.
  13. The Kaiser of the German Reich attacks France with his armies to reconquer Germany's former territories and frees Luxembourg, making them independent once more.
  14. This game seems interesting. I'll be Germany, then. In the name of the Kaiser, Germany is attacking Denmark.
  15. Damn, this topic escalated quickly^^ I though of this thread as a somewhat unfunny joke, but I approve of the outcome. Well, I'll be awaiting the release then and if you need an editor/QC-person then I'll gladly help.
  16. Hey guys, I have an idea. How about we take the translation for LB! (PC) and put it on the PSP version? People could enjoy LB! on the go. Just thought people may find it interesting. This thread will die in max. 30 minutes anyway.
  17. For me it'll be "Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo". Not only is it set in a small village in a present-day dystopian society, it also shows the importance of "freedom" and "individuality", things we mostly take granted, that are not in totalitarian countries. Geh, enough of this crap. What I try to say is, that it combines political/social topics like "freedom", "individuality", "society" with personal e.g. "love", "friends", family", "career", "duty", "future" etc. It tries to make the reader question the world he/she currently lives in. Sometimes I believe it is more philoso
  18. I didn't mean that "problem" as a real threat to this project. I just wanted to point out that they may get worked up by this and force a C&D on us. Anyway, I'd like to do the editing and QC-related stuff, since I have pretty much to do with the "ToradoraPSP", the "Loverable" and "OreImoPSP" projects already, but I still have time for one or two and I really want this done, no matter what. If you'd like than send me a PM or something, I'll gladly help. And just for the record, I'm British, so English shouldn't be that much of a problem, right?
  19. Guys... we've got a problem here: @ChrisTenarium Thank you for informing us about this! We will review this matter soon. — MoeNovel (@Moenovel) July 1, 2013
  20. Awesome! I work on that one, too!^^

  21. You're working on the TL for Toradora, too?^^

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