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  1. Hi! I just got your patch and for some reason when I choose the file that I installed the game into it doesn`t let me download it, can you help please?

    1. HiveBee10000


      its ok i fixed it

  2. the way it retrieves files makes it impossible to do update2 and update3, as each update would have to contain (update1, update2 etc.) the entirety of the UI/images/translation for each individual game, which from me testin', will just cause them to repeatedly crash.
  3. it's always windows10, god knows how they do it, but it's always win10. this is what mine looks like. http://puu.sh/tahxw.png
  4. it's when Zhui appears, so it could be a uncommon error with that, never personally managed to run into it, but outside of japanese system locale, all I can recommend is to run StartUpTool.exe, then change directX to the しăȘい option (seen in screenshot below) and hit the button with (S) on it, might work.
  5. Because reasons, and we're humans with responsibilities other than computers.
  6. If he's not back by the time we finish Seishou, we'll just have to re-do Azumi.
  7. Never take my word for anythin', we may do it we may not.
  8. We co-joined skyspear for a little while before their leader and some others went AWOL.
  9. the first few reports are first few bins we did one by one.
  10. how to achieve mental breakdown; become a tester bonus points:
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