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  1. Do you have a team of translators, editors, etc? Doing two tl projects at once doesn't seem to be a very bright idea.
  2. Was this issue resolved or do you still need help extracting files?
  3. There are no tools, you will have to get somebody to write them.
  4. Okay, there are multiple toc tables. First one is hardcoded in EBOOT.BIN, starts around offset 0x15dc88, at least the part related to shared.bin does. There are three fields per file: file offset (LBA in .iso), file size in bytes, and the third one I'm not sure about. At offset 0x15dcfc there's an entry for what I believe is a script file, it looks like "40 A2 07 00 6B 81 04 00 00 00 00 00". If then you look at 0x240b5800 in the ISO there's a LICE header, that's the second toc table. First 0x200 bytes are unknown, next 8 bytes I have no idea about either. Then there are 3 4-byte words per file, first is offset, second is decompressed size, third is compressed size. Files are located at LICE addr+0x200+offset.
  5. At offset 0x17e1b0 in shared.bin there's a zlib-compressed block. After you cut the file you can decompress it using "openssl zlib -d < file.bin > file". There you will find shift-jis encoded text, for example, at offset 0xc752: "23 4D 40 82 A8 81 41 82 A8 8F EC 97 6C 81 60 81 63 81 49 40 91" which is "#[email protected]お、お嬢様〜…!@速" which is the second message.
  6. The game engine is probably similar to Oreimo & Toradora which are made by the same companies. You can find my Toradora tools here: https://github.com/xyzz/taiga-aisakaand I've also asked Oreimo team if they can share theirs.
  7. Eh, that sucks. I have gateway and a 4.1 3ds, but without proper tools I'm not sure if that'll be worth the time, sorry.
  8. Are there any debuggers for 3ds? Yes, you'll need a piracy cart to play this if it's ever done and released, some of them also disable region lock.
  9. gl finding a hacker without even posting the platform target VN runs on
  10. No idea, but here's my script folder: http://a.pomf.se/bcmawf.7z
  11. Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/v3al50fk3on1om6/arc_conv_r55_src.7z, extract it, run "build.bat", then run arc_conv\arc_conv.exe and select arc.dat.
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