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  1. I made this list almost 3 and a half years ago, making this list and maintaining it has taken a fair amount of effort, but for the most part I thought it wasn't too bad and updating it gave me a good insight into how scores on vndb would change after english releases and in general just a good overview of the official publishers of visual novels in english. However the last few months I really kind of stopped caring that much for this list and updating it became more of a chore. One reason is probably that I have been at this for quite a while about 3 and a half year is a fairly long time, the other being improvements to the visual novel database search functions, I recently made a video about these search functions and honestly I don't see the point in this list anymore. Especially now that you can search for producer/publisher on vndb and get things properly sorted rather than before where you could just get a chronological order of what they released. Because of this I plan to stop updating this list, I will do my last updates for it this weekend, but after that I probably won't do further updates. I still see a point in the one for physical releases though and that takes way less effort so I will maintain that one.
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