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VN of the Month October 2017 - Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary



Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary is VN of the Month with Kanojo wa Tenshi de Imouto de being another masterpiece. Clephas actually chose both. Micchi favors Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart 2 , Tsugihagi Make Peace and a delayed title


1. Arui wa Koi to Iu Na no Mahou あるいは恋という名の魔法 [171027] Omochi Soft
Three beautiful princesses came from another world which was built on magic rather than science. Their world was currently facing an unprecedented crisis and they needed to acquire more magical power to overcome it. Yamato’s semen possessed special powers which greatly increases magic abilities. So, he has to choose one of the three attractive princesses to love. However, each of them had a spell cast on them.
The kind Faty would turn into a little bird when she falls asleep. So she could not remain in the same bed as him through the night.
The righteous Rian would develop a high fever when she gets angry. So she made up her mind to suppress her feelings.
The much-admired Cerea could not convey her feelings in words to the one she truly loves. Once she falls in true love, she cannot relay her feelings in words towards the one she loves no matter how she tries.
Even while hiding their own worries, they longed to be loved by him.
Scenario is non-existing here, but instead of ordinary moege development, game actually makes it an... elegant moege. It's all about spells, knights, books and princesses, true love. Atmospheric, but without a story not worth it for me.


2. Baldr Bringer [171027] Giga 1 2
Elis was formerly the manager of the virtual world VERTEX until she was driven from her position and stripped from almost all of her powers. She sat in the middle of the room in front of a huge machine, wondering if she would have to return to reality while making the final pre-activation checks. She breathed a sigh of relief as everything appeared ready, but then an alarm sounded the very next second.
“Please work!!”
‘He’ opened his eyes at the same time as her cry of desperation. It was the beginning of his consciousness as oil coursed through his steel body and his limbs moved according to electromagnetic pulses. After checking that he knew who she was, Elis asked a favour of him: to protect her from the viruses that were coming for her.
“I think I will help you. Is that alright?”
A few minutes later, as he looked down upon the wreckage of the defeated enemies, he was glad that he had protected her. She told him that he was a para-intelligence being and bestowed him with the name Fuji, short for “Dusk Bringer Sower of Huge”, the simulacrum that he was born in.
“Welcome to the virtual world, VERTEX!”
Shooter has English reviews
3. Boukyaku Shitsuji to Koi Suru Ojou-sama no Memoir 忘却執事と恋するお嬢様の回想録 [171027] Campus 1
There was something missing.
It was memories of his childhood.
It was the key to locked memories.
She just wished for wings to fly into the sky.
She just wanted to take a step out of the cage that she had been locked in.
Because surely this key would open the door to something wonderful.
Because surely the first love which only comes once is something irreplaceable.
It can’t end like this. It can’t remain unrequited like this. We can’t be happy like this.
Even if it’s only one thing, I want to know the truth.
This is a normal story, a normal love story, that happens everywhere.
A story between a young lady and her butler.
Short single heroine kinetic romance


4. Junjou Karen Freaks! 純情化憐フリークス! [171027] Wonder Fool 1 
Supernatural beings such as youkai and spirits, called “freaks”, co-exist with humans in this world. Mikitaka lives with his older cousin Shizumi on the island of Kakuriyotobari, where 80% of the residents are freaks. One day, his childhood friend and first love Yuuka returned… as a ghost! She didn’t know why she became a ghost, and they let her stay with them since they’re old friends.
However, that wasn’t the end. Shizumi was revealed to have regenerative powers after an accident, it turns out that everyone around Mikitaka is a freak. With the help of freaks mediator-in-training Rio and Tsukumo - a tsukumogami (an item-born minor god) assistant, he set out to find out the girls’ true identities and the cause of their current state.
There is an English review


5. Kanojo wa Tenshi de Imouto de 彼女は天使で妹で [171027] Alcot Honey Comb 1 2
Yuuki has always attracted attention due to his superior looks and being the son of two entertainers. However, he has a quiet demeanour and did not feel comfortable in the spotlight, instead wishing for a more peaceful and ordinary life. But things don’t always go the way you want them to in life.
He met an angel by chance one night, who asked him if he wanted to become a god. Ignoring his perplexed response, she made him an ‘angel candidate’ and his life changed completely. First, the girl Touka became his imouto by using her powers to create a ‘miracle’. Moreover, two girls were sent to train him: the school’s prettiest girl and idol Mia, who was actually an angel; and, the solitary cool beauty genius girl Kazumi, who was actually a shinigami.
He was put through harsh training by the three girls, but could not become an angel, much less a god. Not only that but his osananajimi Erina, the only place of solace he could turn to, was awfully displeased with him since he’s been so close to other girls lately. Things really don’t go the way you want them to.
One year later, Yuuki still remained an angel-in-training. In fact, it’s like he hadn’t grown one bit. Would an angel without wings like him ever become a god? What kind of future awaits him?
There are English reviews


6. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart 2 ノラと皇女と野良猫ハート2 [171027] Harukaze 1 2 3
This is the sequel for Noratoto, featuring new heroines Iris and Noel. Subheroine Nobuchina, Lucia and Eurasia get their own routes, while of course there are after stories for the main heroines of the previous game. The game takes place during the summer at the beach where Nora worked. Snow began to fall one day, signaling the Snow Queen Iris’ impending appearance.
There are English reviews


7. Pure Marriage ~Akai Ito Monogatari - Celica Hen~ Pure Marriage ~赤い糸物語 セリカ編~ [171027] Lass Pixy
Touma had admired Celica ever since he was young. He always went to watch her gaze lonelily into the distance from the tall tower and nicknamed her Rapunzel after the princess from the fairy tale. They did not talk to each other, and only verified each other’s presence each day.
This daily routine changed when her father allowed her to go outside for the first time. When she was walking around taking in her brand new surroundings, a speeding truck headed straight for her. Luckily, Touma was able to save her just in time. It was actually an absurd trial planned by her father, who asked that he marry her because he had passed it. As they had been attracted to one another since long ago, they exchanged vows and became a married couple.
However, just as Touma was about to begin a wonderful life with the pure and naive Celica, an unbelievable secret was revealed: she had the blood of a succubus inside of her!
8. Ruri no Kasane ~Imouto Monogatari~ ルリのかさね ~いもうと物語り~ [171027] NekoNeko Soft
At a small shrine in the suburbs, the priest’s only son met his young relative Ruri when he was still a high school student. While they didn’t get along at first, they became close before they knew it.
One day, both of their parents passed away in an accident. They were both left without any relatives, and Ruri had only just entered elementary school. After much agonizing, he chose to live together with her.
NekoNeko continues with its lolicon mania, and this time main heroine imouto is a loli. I'm not touching this lolige, but what I get from impressions is that main imouto route turns into a nakige, and two side heroines aren't memorable on a big scale.
9. Tsugihagi Make Peace - Pretending x Friendship - ツギハギめいくぴーす!-pretending×friendship- [171027] Curefull Base
Yuuto was called out to the school rooftop by the student council leader Ayase after school. All five students who gathered there had a common trait: they had no friends. She asked them to pretend to be friends. She admitted that it was an outrageous request, but it was to help them build interpersonal skills so that they won’t still be alone after they graduated. Using her powers as the student council leader and persuasion skills, Ayase convinced all of them to participate in the trial.
“It’s fine if it’s just pretending. Well, it’ll work out because it’s not real. It’s not like we could make any real friends anyway.”
A normal clumsy youth story of strangers getting into friends and then into lovers. Countless events are poured in, but these events feel disjointed from each other and done halfway. Individual endings are substantially shorter than common route and with half of those occupied by H events, heroines' individuality is hurt.


10. Venus Blood -Brave- [171027] Dual Tail 1 
The world Zilant enjoys peace with the blessing of a goddess.
People pray to the goddess Zilant who feeds on their faith.
One day red moon floats in the sky, and the ancient Demon Lord Lagar revives.
Under red moon's light goddess blessing gets lost, and devils gradually expand their zone of control.
A hero and a scholar meet at a town that's next to fall. They decide that no price is too big in the face of the threat and accept tentacles with the forbidden practices. 
The journey to subdue the Demon King by these two people begins.
RPG has an English review


11. Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary ヤミと祝祭のサンクチュアリ [171027] Azarashi Soft Zero 1 2 3 4
Souji is the successor of the Izumo family’s traditional martial art form to defeat vengeful beings that harm humans. He accompanied his osananajimi Arisu, the daughter of the head of a world-leading zaibatsu, as her bodyguard to the distant island of Niizajima. She transferred to Kamikura Private Academy to look for her older sister, who had disappeared without a trace.
There were many strange ‘rules’ on the island, which they believed were set in place to cover up a ‘secret’. With the help of Arisu’s osananajimi Yuuri, zaibatsu rival Claudette and mysterious classmate Julie, as well as some strategy, they gradually got closer to the truth of the island. But what awaited them wasn’t Arisu’s older sister, but countless ‘apparitions’ that had been talked about in many stories.
There are English reviews


Recommended Comments

Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary is part mystery, part fantasy, and part romance.  The protagonist is a seemingly normal young man (albeit a country boy) who goes along with his childhood friend to an island school for those who have a talent, an influential family, or who otherwise have the potential to have an effect on the world outside themselves.  Despite his apparent normalcy, the protagonist is actually the most abnormal person in the game, as he was trained from birth (literally) for the purpose of killing the inhuman with his bare hands.  As the writer describes it, to him, the act of taking a life is just normal, nothing to get emotional or excited about.

Baldr Bringer is an abomination.

Junjou Karen Freaks is a nice non-human heroine charage of moderate quality.

Venus Blood Brave is something of a fusion, as it utilizes the 'monster birth' mechanic, but instead of providing units, it provides power to the fighting units (the heroines).  The game is a linear dungeon-crawler with a solid cast of characters, and it is also the prequel to Hypno (albeit by so much time that it is meaningless to contemplate).

Kanojo wa Tenshi de Imouto de is a borderline nakige/utsuge that is based in the same setting as Satsukoi.  The protagonist is a young man who was contemplating suicide until he was given the chance to train to become an angel.  He lives with the current Archangel, who is posing as his little sister.  While it is a frequently amusing game, it is a story that is primarily about feels and catharsis.

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Venus Blood Brave - Well no corrupt the heroines here and that Ninetails did experiment with the gameplay. Other than that, I only know that it's the only Venus Blood that get OVA adaptation so there's that.

Baldr Bringer - Mod Clephas did say that somehow GIGA decided to bury their Baldr series by making the gameplay as bad as possible, and with that at least I can just move on with this if somehow GIGA decided to localize this and censored the sex scenes (Or rather forced the other localization companies to censor the sex scenes). Oh well, at least it mean that GIGA realized the limit on how much they can milk Baldr series if Bringer here is really their last Baldr VN.

Noraneko 2 - It's localized, although too bad that Harukaze decided to censor the overseas release by using the console port version and it mean that there'll be no sex scenes in the translated version. It somehow get a better score compared to first Noraneko, although perhaps it's more like because Harkaze expand the side heroines and the setting along with adding the new heroines. In the end I guess I can say that too bad that Harukaze censored the sex scenes for overseas release of Noraneko duology, because from what I see I can say that Noraneko duology here are good VNs with a lot of comedy which would be do better if not for censorship.

That's all for my comment on October 2017 releases.

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