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Junjou Karen Freaks



Junjou Karen Freaks is based in a future world where all the mysterious creatures of human mythology have turned out to be real, and, after some twists and turns, have begun to coexist peacefully with humanity as part of a larger society.  The protagonist, Mikitaka, is the child of two 'diplomats' who work at trying to bring together the many races, and he lives alone together with his cousin oneechan Shizumi.  Suddenly, one day their osananajimi Yuuka appears before them as a ghost, they meet the young nurarihyon Riou and the tsukumogami Tsukumo, and suddenly they find out Shizumi is a Freaks as well (as usual, the Japanese ear for English nuance is nonexistent, lol).

Generally speaking, I consider this to be a 'honwaka' (gentle and filled with smiles) charage, with mild romance, mild comedy, and just enough story to keep me from getting bored.  In fact, as charage, this is one of the few I've encountered in the last few years that can be considered to actually have a decent balance between its slice-of-life, romantic, comedic, and story elements... most tend to over-focus on the romantic and slice-of-life parts, resulting in even the heroine stories being neglected almost completely.


I'm a kitsune freak (no pun intended).  So, as such, it was destiny that I would immediately pick Tsukumo as my first heroine for this game, since she is the game's resident kitsune, born from a century-old fox mask owned by Riou's family.  She is a kami (some interpretations have tsukumogami only being considered to be youkai, whereas others consider them to be kami in truth) of the lowest rank, and she is working to help others in order to gain the necessary virtue to one day reach a higher tier amongst the kami (if you don't know the difference between kami and the polytheistic gods of Greece and Norse mythology, I can explain it later if you want). 

This path is... sweet.  Tsukumo, like most true immortal heroines, has an inherent setting that only comes into play when she deals with mortals (poor use of a true immortal heroine is failing to touch on this issue at all), and as such, the issue of difference in lifespans is very important to how her path plays out.  Tsukumo herself is a mature, dedicated, and self-effacing individual who honestly enjoys helping others... and is very affectionate (in subtle ways) toward her lover.

As for the Rest

To be honest, I want to leave the rest for another day... this time not because it sucks, but because non-human heroines that don't suck are rare these days.  Given that Tsukumo isn't one of the two main heroines (Yuuka and Shizumi), I figure that I've already read the weakest of the paths.  As such, I want to save this one for stress relief, since I can't see it going above Yami to Hikari for this month's releases.



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