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Stocks and Devil II Review



Since we have Rance Quest release in which it has one of the character as the devil along with that we have Spice and Wolf DS release, I decide to reuse the title of VNTS Review from back at 2016 so we have 'Stocks and Devil II' as this week VNTS Review title and 'II' is the roman number for 2 in order to synchronize it with the title for Spice and Wolf II anime. As for the explanation of the title, the devil here is from the saying that sometimes wolf is associated with devil, while for the stocks here it's the reference to another work by Spice and Wolf author that was released by Sekai several years ago (It's World End Economica for the reminder). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week it's quite active with Rance Quest as big releases along with some updates by Mangagamer and announcement by Shiravune. Overall I can say that it's interesting, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Apparently Sharin was has yet another delay and currently the plan is to release it in April, although obviously it didn't matter anyway seeing that my reaction on the news about the delay would be still the same in that I still think the Frontwing's release of Sharin is pretty much redundant. It's still too bad though for anyone else who back the KS, especially the one who back PSV version because it was cancelled. Other than Sharin delay, Verdelish did good job with Slow Damage was at three quarter translated. Speaking of Verdelish, her other work will be released tomorrow and in this case it's part 3 of Alice x Taisho so you may get the VN if you interested with playing interesting otome VN. For Shiravune announcement, it's Doukyuusei remake in which it's the remake of very influential VN that was produced from way back at 1992. For now my expectation on this is pretty much quite mild at that, although if the writing can still be interesting even at this year then sure it might be interesting announcement so I'm sort of look forward to it's release at this year later.

I know that we also have Committee of Zero did announce their update in regard of Chaos Head Noah, but I'll save the update for next VNTS. We also have a surprise NTR nukige release with a very long name so much that I shortened it as Tsuma no Niku, in that apparently it has NTR element that involved the landlord and it's occupant along with it have some loli as well, so if you somehow have both of NTR and loli fetish then you can try Tsuma no Miku if you interested with and have fun. Other than the releases, we have the lines from original Summer Pockets was at 65.3% reworked, Pure x Connect did reach the milestone 20,000 lines translated milestone (At 20,062 lines translated) along with 12,433 lines edited, Shin Koihime Musou was at 42% edited, Eustia did has some major milestone with Eustia's chapter was fully TLC-ed along with Licia's chapter was at 44.02% TLC-ed and side stories was at 37.13% TLC-ed (Overall Eustia was at 79.78% TLC-ed), and 2,400 out of 15,087 lines (15.9%) of Tsui no Sora Remake was translated. We also have Nagomibako in which it's Cartagra fandisc was fully translated and currently it need some editing works, so you can visit this page if you're interested with and perhaps want to help.

After Rance Quest release, Mangagamer decided to add one more secret project in which it's dubbed as 9th secret project with the current progress was at 69% for both of translation and editing works. Other than that, we have Jeanne was in testing, Funbag Fantasy 3if was finished the testing, 6th secret project was at 81% translated along with 79% edited, 8th secret project was fully edited along with starting the image editing work, Rance IX was at 38% edited, and currently Mangagamer did some finished touch on Musicus along with preparing the release build for it. As for Rance Quest here, I think it's quite well known in that Rance did some careless mistake so he decided to find a way to fix the mistake although he decided to take it easy though by doing a lot of quests. The other thing that I can say is that the combat did resemble Evenicle, although it didn't use BP though for the skills. In any case, you may interested with the gameplay seeing that it's quite well done from what I see although as for the story it's pretty much the breather between Sengoku's finale and Rance IX so just expect lighter story there for most part. Go get Rance Quest if you want to play it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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